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India Post Services

Shipping services  

  • LTL and FTL services

  • Volume-based discounts

  • Express Speed Post

Special services

  • Doorstep Pickup Facility

  • Warehousing and Fulfilment

  • Insurance services

Technology services

  • Web-based tracking

  • COD-enablement

  • Performance Dashboard

About India Post


India Post is a government-owned and operated mailing and postal service which was established in India more than 165 years ago. It was established under the British Raj for the purpose of delivering mail within the British-ruled territories of the Indian subcontinent. India Post was established after the rule of East India Company was overtaken by the British Crown to facilitate communication within the periphery of the empire in India. India Post currently has more than 400,000 employees and is headquartered in Delhi. The service falls under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Communications.

India Post is provided an annual budget by the central government to conduct nationwide operations. To offer its services in India, it operates over 150,000 head, sub and branch post offices and more than 400,000 letterboxes across the country. Though it is the largest postal service in India, it reported a record loss of INR 18,255 in FY20 against revenue of INR 12,211 crore in the same period. The service had been witnessing such losses throughout the previous decade which are a result of mounting costs, pensions, & declining relevance in the modern era. 

However, it has diversified its operations into the eCommerce logistics space and has been witnessing stable growth in the domain. India Post offers a host of delivery services as well as banking and insurance services in India. Its flagship offering is Speed Post which is a domestic and international express delivery service. It offers its vast network of storage and distribution facilities to help businesses manage their value chain to store, transmit and distribute their items around the country. 

Its multi-modal transportation infrastructure uses the railways, roadways and air to deliver products to the customer. India Post also offers tailored fulfillment solutions for eCommerce companies such as pick and pack services and reverse logistics. Through its air cargo service, it also facilitates cross-border eCommerce for online sellers in India. India Post has one of the largest delivery networks in the country. It has 23 postal circles in India that serve every state and union territory and even provides customer access to remote areas in the country. 

India Post’s wide coverage and robust infrastructure make it a reliable choice for online sellers to get their products delivered to their customers. Although the state-owned service has been facing hiccups in years, it has been working on modernizing its infrastructure to provide a seamless delivery, shipping and logistics experience. Owing to increasing competition in the logistics market, India Post is exploring new industries to generate revenue. Since the company is owned and operated by the government, any losses incurred do not necessarily translate into hindrances in its operations, making it a reliable long-term partner. 

Along with diversification, the government's approach to modernizing its services has improved India Post’s digital capabilities. Such capabilities allow it to integrate with several businesses to extend its features and form partnerships. The rising popularity of eCommerce in the country has also contributed to India Post gaining new business opportunities. India Post’s API integrations allow partners to track and manage their orders without the need to constantly communicate with personnel. ClickPost has a courier API integration with India Post, which allows eCommerce companies to go live with India Post in just a single day.

FAQs about India Post


1) Is India Post feasible for ecommerce/business shipments?

India Post is the official postal service provider in the country. This allows you to send parcels across the country at affordable rates. Along with this, the postal service offers special volume-based discounts for its commercial partners, and the cost of the shipment is decided on the distance to the destination. 

2) How do I cancel my mail request?

In order to cancel the mail/shipping request placed with India Post, you must follow the following steps. You go Home>Menu>Mail Services>Manage Mail> Cancel Booked Mail. If you follow this path, you should be in the cancel mail window where you can place a cancellation request with India Post. 

3) How do I track my India Post parcel?

When you book a parcel with India Post, you receive a bar code along with the Barcode number attached to your shipment. You can use this barcode number to track your parcel from the Track Consignment section of the India Post website.

List of India Post APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

Creates an order request, generates the shipping label,  and schedules a pickup with India Post

Track Shipment API: Track your consignment through the barcode number of your parcel
Cancellation API Cancel the mail request with India Post as per the request of the sender/recipient
EDD API: Calculate the estimated date of delivery depending upon the destination and origin of a shipment
NDR Action update: Create a seamless NDR flow to reduce RTOs
Return Web-hooks: Initiate a return-to-sender or business return process with the carrier




How does API integration work with India Post?

If you integrate with India Post through ClickPost, you can enable customer experience enhancement features on your ecommerce platform.


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Step 2 - Enter API Key


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