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Skynet Services

Shipping services  

  • Next Weekday delivery

  • International Express

  • Economy Express

Special services

  • PUDO System

  • Fulfillment Services

  • Packaging Services

Technology services

  • Web Tracking System

  • Shipment Monitoring

  • Interactive Inventory

About Skynet


Skynet Worldwide Express, more commonly known simply as Skynet, is one of the world’s leading distribution and logistics majors. It also specialises in end-to-end supply chain solutions for a broad swath of industries. The company was founded in 1972 in the United States and initially catered to smaller American towns and cities. Now nearly 40 years old, it operates on a global scale and serves some of the most important business destinations. Their bouquet of door-to-door deliveries, air freight, global courier solutions at extremely competitive prices and sound understanding of logistics and reverse logistics have made them an important player across continents. It is currently the largest independently-owned courier network in the world. 

Skynet operates out of major global hubs located in Florida, Dubai, London, Singapore, Australia and Johannesburg. Since its inception, Skynet has been headquartered in Florida’s Doral City. Looking at its global hubs, it is easy to surmise why the company has managed to flourish across continents. The Johannesburg hub in South Africa also allows Skynet Worldwide Express to tap into the vast and under-served economies of Africa. Skynet has always been an early adopter of technologies and has a wide range of bespoke services and solutions designed to suit businesses of various sizes on a global scale.

The company operates in over 200 countries. It offers door-to-door pick-ups and deliveries internationally and has both Express and Standard solutions for a wide variety of goods. Express services are more expensive than the Standard package since the former is time-bound. Cargo hauling is another of Skynet’s specialties. Most heavy shipments take within 5 and 7 days to be delivered door-to-door, using Skynet’s formidable last-mile logistics solutions. One of Skynet’s most popular services is its SkyBOX E-commerce solutions suite. SkyBOX was introduced in 1991 as one of Skynet’s many affiliate companies. 

Using SkyBOX, customers can shop online in either the USA or across Europe and ask Skynet to deliver the parcels to their home address on a priority basis. The service is fulfilled using the hubs in Florida and London. Another E-commerce solution in demand is Sky Mail, which relies on the company’s extensive global air cargo network. Clients can use Sky Mail to send important documents and other lightweight deliveries globally and save on both time and money. Sky Mail is essentially a fulfillment service since the company also provides packaging and sorting expertise.

Also on offer are several countries and region-specific services including ad hoc messenger or banking services, Embassy Couriers, Pick-up/Drop-off or PUDO, handling of hazardous materials, deliveries of healthcare products to warehouses and retailers, Mailroom Management and fragile goods transport. The company is slowly expanding by providing licensing opportunities for small and medium courier companies. You can now go live with Skynet in just a single day. Start using ClickPost’s Skynet Express shipping and tracking API integration today and experience superior services!

FAQs about Skynet


1) When will my Skynet deliver my package?

If you have chosen the Next weekday delivery service, your parcel will be delivered at 0900,1030 or 1230 according to the service chosen by you. You will receive your order from Sunday to Thursday when shipping through a standard shipping option. You will receive it at your business address during working hours, while residential addresses can expect delivery between 8 AM to 8 PM.

2) Where can I find the tracking number for my Skynet package?

When you book a parcel through Skynet, the electronic or the physical receipt received in the acknowledgment should have a barcode on the top. Below this barcode, you will find a 12-digit number that denotes the parcel identification number of your shipment. You can use this number in the tracking section of the website to get the latest updates on your parcel.

List of Skynet APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

Place an order creation request with the carrier

Track Shipment API: Track your shipment with the help of the barcode or 12-digit tracking number
Cancellation API Cancel the Skynet shipping request
EDD API: Estimate the date of delivery according to the chosen Skynet service
NDR Action update: Handle failed delivery attempts to correct the issue
Return Web-hooks: Initiate a return request with the carrier for a pickup at the customer’s doorstep




How does it work?

If you integrate with Skynet through ClickPost, you can have access to features like NDR management and Returns management along with the services of the carrier.


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