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Trackon Services

Shipping services  

  • Guaranteed delivery within 1 or 2 days with Prime Track

  • Air and Surface Express Cargo for heavyweight shipments 

  • Express standard shipping for air, rail and road transit.

Special services

  • Offers risk coverage which acts like insurance

  • Facilities for payment collection from recipients

  • eCommerce Cash-on-Delivery services provided 

Technology services

  • Hassle-free pickup for ecommerce returns 

  • Provides international delivery for documents

  • Offers a digital mailroom solution for companies

About Trackon


Trackon Courier is a logistics services provider headquartered in Delhi. It was established in 2002, initially operating only in Mumbai and Delhi. Over the years, the courier services provider has expanded its reach to more than 5000 pin codes throughout the country. Trackon is a major logistics player clocking over 240 crores INR in revenues employing a workforce of almost 10,000 people throughout India. With more than 17 years in the industry, the company operates in all major cities in India and handles over 200,000 consignments every single day. Trackon offers a host of shipping and logistics services to its clients. One of its most popular offerings includes delivery services for parcels and documents. It offers same and next-day delivery, express delivery as well air cargo services for time-sensitive deliveries within the country. It also offers surface express delivery solutions to allow businesses to quickly ship heavy items.

To aid in securing documents and maintaining privacy, it gives eCommerce businesses access to integrated management systems which further speeds up the delivery process. Apart from shipping, it offers several value-added services including risk cover (or risk surcharge) which is insurance for a client’s consignment that covers loss due to damage during transit up to the value of the shipment. Its risk surcharge fee is levied at 2% of invoice amount & ensures orders are being secured and pays for insurance coverage of the product. This company is also known for its active fraud awareness measures and protocols.

It offers a unique ToPay service where the payment for the shipment is received from the consignee of the items rather than the consignor. For eCommerce businesses, it also offers cash-on-delivery services, however, the service is restricted to corporate clients.  Additional services from the courier services provider include reverse logistics to help manage returning orders for online sellers and cross-border shipping of documents and parcels. Trackon Courier also offers integrated mailroom management solutions which include on-site solutions to improve the privacy, the safety processing speed of the mailroom in a corporate environment.

Trackon is a growing shipping company with significant operations and a large network. It is capable of handling large volume consignments and offers high serviceability to businesses. With its industry expertise, experience and a host of value-added services, Trackon is an ideal shipping services provider in India. It is also a viable option for eCommerce platforms that are looking for an affordable delivery solution with considerable operations. Trackon also allows eCommerce platforms to leverage its in-house technology to help them improve their shipping experience. Businesses can use Trackon’s API integrations to extend tracking capabilities to their platform and even provide consumers access to information about serviceable areas. ClickPost enables the implementation of shipping and courier API integration with Trackon, thereby allowing eCommerce companies to go live with Trackon in just 1 day.

FAQs about Trackon


1) How do I track my parcel express with Trackon?

For any parcel shipped with Trackon, whether express delivery services have been purchased or not, parcel tracking is done through Trackon’s platform. Using the unique number assigned to the order via the AWB, the delivery status of the order can be pulled up. Alternatively, using ClickPost and Trackon Couriers API integration enables you to get tracking updates automatically.  

2) How many days does Trackon take to deliver? 

Delivery time with Trackon can differ depending on the service used. In case Prime Track has been opted for, delivery is guaranteed within 1-2 days. In case of other express delivery services, delivery could take 3-5 days at least.

3) How Do API Integrations Work?

ClickPost enables you to integrate with a multitude of carriers via API integrations including Trackon Couriers.

List of Trackon APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

Complete all order creation processes with Trackon, from AWB and shipping label generation to pickup request.

Track Shipment API: Track your shipments in real-time and with minimal effort using the unique AWB number
Cancellation API Cancel shipments quickly even after manifestation to speed up return
EDD API: Calculate and display EDD (estimated delivery date) at the time of checkout.
NDR Action update: After taking action on an NDR, Trackons database is updated immediately.
Return Web-hooks: Ensure product safety using web-hooks to track return orders in real-time.


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