Narvar Vs Parcellab

Here's an unbiased comparison of  Narvar v/s Parcellab across 12 objective parameters


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an unbiased Comparison of Narvar with ParcelLab & ClickPost






No. of Courier Partners

More than 300 More than 150 More than 150

COD Services

No No Yes

Order Tracking Page

Intermediate Yes Advanced

Returns Management

Intermediate No Advanced

Carrier Selection Engine

Rules coupled with artificial intelligence

Rules coupled with artificial intelligence

Rules coupled with artificial intelligence

NDR Management

Does not offer Does not offer Advanced

Provides shipping rates

Yes No Yes

Hyperlocal Delivery 

No No Yes

Dashboard For Analytics 

Yes Yes Yes



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1) Introduction

The post-purchase customer experience should be a critical aspect of every eCommerce brand owner’s business strategy aiming for growth. Post-sales notifications, order tracking, on-time delivery, and resolution of shipping issues are all important parameters of customer satisfaction. Therefore, optimizing the post-purchase experience greatly benefits businesses. 

In this regard, two software with a stronghold in crafting unique post-purchase customer experiences is Narvar and parcelLab. Both platforms offer a vantage point in uplifting brand loyalty and streamlining returns. 

But most retailers usually put their trust in one software at a time. If you are an eCommerce company looking for a concrete review of Narvar vs. parcelLab, with their features and comparisons then this is the right article for you!


2) About Narvar

Narvar is an order and shipment management software developed for eCommerce businesses. Established in 2012, it is a renowned shipping software in the US and operates on over 3 continents. 

The platform is integrated with 300+ shipping companies globally and provides its services to over 800 brands. It is also integrated with more than 50 order management systems. Narvar provides concierge services for U.S. retailers, combing a network of 200,000 locations for efficient pickup and delivery. 

In addition to shipping, Narvar offers real-time order tracking and personalized post-purchase communications. It drives consumer engagement by dynamically crafting customized consumer experiences. 


3) Top Services Offered by Narvar

Here are the top services offered by Narvar:

3.1) Delivery Estimates

This enables delivery date prediction and allows businesses to display realistic timelines to customers while they place an order. It also allows businesses to configure rules for order fulfillment. 


3.2) Contextual Branding and Tracking

With contextual branding, Narvar enables increased visibility of the order allowing businesses to extend tracking capabilities to customers through branded pages. It also allows businesses to run post-purchase marketing campaigns. Narvar’s customizations take into account shipment status and the customer’s locale to create personalized messaging and tracking pages.


3.3) Personalized Customer Communications

This solution lets businesses deliver notifications to customers regarding the status of their orders. It also offers the ability to create branded messages. It proactively monitors shipment performance to investigate delivery delays and canceled orders. It also has pre-built message templates to update customers about shipments, accounts, and returns.


3.4) Returns and Refunds

Narvar’s returns management enables businesses to create branded returns pages and helps them  create custom experiences for separate customers. It also provides a management system for reverse logistics while also allowing businesses to deliver notifications regarding the status of the refund. 


3.5) Predictive Analytics

Narvar offers real-time visibility into the logistics processes and network with predictive intelligence. This improves fast fulfillment, drives repeat purchases, and monitors delays. It breaks down every shipment’s journey and alerts about delays and missing EDDs. Its data visualization insights with reports and bespoke dashboards.


4) Features of Narvar

  • Narvar allows businesses to receive an estimate for the delivery date as well as the cost of shipping for a particular order.

  • It enables the delivery of notifications to customers to keep them up to date with the status of their orders. 

  • It allows businesses to deliver high-quality post-purchase experiences through branded tracking pages. 

  • It provides tools to manage reverse logistics and refunds. It also connects businesses to over 200,000 drop-off points. 

  • It uses a multi-channel approach to reach customers in a bid to improve communication. 

  • It provides comprehensive reports on the performance of shipping operations. 


The platform is easy to use. It is a great solution for businesses that need a scalable yet simple platform.


Although the initial cost of the solution is not unreasonable, the add-ons it offers are fairly expensive. Businesses that seek additional services may end up paying much higher than their expectations. 


5) About parcelLab

parcelLab is a cloud-based return and warranty automation and shipping software.  The platform helps businesses develop engaging post-purchase experiences to improve customer retention as well as conversion. 

With parcelLab, retailers have the opportunity to use returns management, automated notifications, order tracking, and dynamic delivery updates. 


6) Top Services offered by parcelLab


6.1) Strategic Post-Purchase Communications

parcelLab creates hyper-personalized proactive notifications after every purchase on email, SMS, Messenger, chatbots, and any other apps. Utilizing customer data, parcelLab creates marketing opportunities for brands with personalized recommendations and unique unboxing experiences. 

It also facilitates streamlined returns notifications, and proactively resolves customer queries, extends automated drop-off reminders. It also communicates delivery or fulfillment delays and refund updates. With pre-tailored shipment and delivery updates, parcelLab enables a centralized notification system.


6.2) Returns and Warranty Management

parcelLab assembles comprehensive returns management. This includes custom returns rules for reinforcing a brand’s return policy and a flexible self-service returns portal. With parcelLab, retailers can provide exchange and store credit, trigger early refunds, and create unique returns experience for VIP customers.

By integrating with third-party software like SAP and Zendesk, it extends an automatic solution for customer service agents to resolve tickets faster. Retailers can also forecast return volumes and processing time.


6.3) Tactical Customer Service

parcelLab supports customer service by imparting post-purchase data including complete order visibility and customer purchase history. The platform acts as a single point of contact for addressing all post-purchase inquiries and automatically creating tickets for shipping and returns issues. 


6.4) Data and Carrier Intelligence

With parcelLab, eCommerce merchants get critical information on logistics and return performance. Apart from processing carrier history and service levels, it also enables retailers to add polling features to the tracking page and notifications. Retailers can collect customer responses to understand logistics efficacy. 


6.5) Delivery Date Forecast and Order Status

parcelLab increases customer satisfaction by removing delivery time uncertainties and service costs. Its delivery date forecasts can be plugged into product pages and checkout to decrease cart abandonment.  With machine learning algorithms, parcelLab accounts for missed deliveries by monitoring order processing, packaging, pickup, and final delivery. 

7) Features of parcelLab

  • Parcellab can help businesses create an interactive post-purchase experience through branded tracking and returns pages.

  • It enables businesses to run marketing campaigns on the post-sales location. 

  • The platform helps businesses integrate with shipping companies directly to improve communication with customers and carriers for real-time information.

  • It allows businesses to automate their process without the need to use any coding. 

  • It enables proactive tracking and alert system that communicates with multiple stakeholders like the warehouse, customer service agents, consumers, and carriers. 

  • It offers SMS opt-in and newsletter signups and site analytics to monitor website traffic from the order status pages.


The platform offers a state-of-the-art post-sales engagement platform to help drive more sales and improve customer experience.


The number of services that the platform provides is limited as compared to its competitors.

8) A Salient Comparison Between Narvar and parcelLab

Given the similarities of features in Narvar and parcelLab it is only right to investigate which platform outshines the other and in which aspect. In this section we compare Narvar vs. parcelLab on five essential metrics:


8.1) Communication and Notification System

Narvar and parcelLab both predict delivery updates and track shipments. 

Narvar places greater emphasis on branding, customizations, and post-purchase marketing. It offers order notifications on email, WhatsApp, and emails. Narvar focuses on creating contextual customer journeys with webpage editors, opt-in notifications, and customized branding tools. 

parcelLab on the other hand, emphasizes communications with hyper-relevant content on more channels than Narvar. It extends key notifications including query resolution, drop-off reminders, updates on refunds and delays, weather disruptions, etc. It also engages in brand marketing for post-purchase sales and ratings.


8.2) System Integration and Plug-ins

parcelLab has a broad integration network with ERPs CRMs, WMS, marketing, payments, and content platforms. It has strategic collaborations with 3PLs, globally operating carriers, freight forwarders and shipment-handling companies. It also onboard new carriers in less than four weeks time. 

Narvar comes integrated with over 300 carriers and pre-built connections with 50+ third-party apps. 


8.3) Returns Management

parcelLab’s returns management includes a portal that streamlines return processing, enhancing communications, and enforcing warranties. parcelLab integrates with CRM software like Zendesk to resolve returns-based customer queries and tickets with a seamless flow of data.

Narvar has a greater potential in enhancing the brand’s operational capacity with concierge services for convenient pickup and drop-off. The concierge network encompasses 200,000 locations of Walgreens, malls, retail stores, and pharmacies. It also facilitates home pick-up, boxless returns, and timely notifications of refund status.


8.4) Customer Service

Narvar supports and resolves client queries via emails and forums. It also offers in-person training and assistance with live video lessons and other documentation. parcelLab too offers good assistance, with customer support focusing on live online training and documentation support. It also offers to resolve queries via chat. 


8.5) Pricing Structure

Narvar’s pricing structure is based on the number of features a brand uses. In other words, it offers custom quotes for each brand. parcelLab on the other hand has three plans including a free one for 100 shipments per month. It then charges 49 pounds per month for 1000 shipments and 199 pounds for unlimited shipments. 

9) Alternatives and Competitors of both Navar and parcelLab 

Narvar and parcelLab are excellent software solutions for post-purchase customer experience optimization. With comparable features, they are excellent competitors to each other. However, if you are looking for an alternative to both then you can consider ClickPost.

ClickPost is an AI-led multi-carrier shipping management solution. With a data-driven recommendation engine, it allocates the best carrier for each delivery and reduces logistics costs. ClickPost is pre-integrated with 300 carriers and has the capacity to onboard a carrier within a day. 

ClickPost takes a streamlined approach to shipping, from generating the shipping and returns labels to real-time multi-shipment tracking. This further facilitates warehouse operations and quick order pickup. It extends tracking updates via multiple communication channels and a branded, white-labeled tracking page. 

The order status pages are embedded with personalized marketing tools and AI-led product recommendations for cross-selling opportunities. Like parcelLab and Navar, ClickPost also reduces return complexities. It creates a self-service branded returns portal that enforces brand return policies and warranties for automated return processing. 

ClickPost’s unique feature includes resolving delivery and pick-up exceptions with automated query-based communications with customers. It reinstates successful delivery attempts and reduces stuck shipments. With OTP-based customer cancellation, it reduces instances of fraudulent delivery attempts. ClickPost also offers COD reconciliation and Shopify returns. 


10) Conclusion

There is little doubt that by enhancing shipping, last-mile delivery, returns, and post-purchase experience a brand can grow its revenue and customer base swiftly. To achieve this goal, many eCommerce stores collaborate with shipping and returns solutions, trusting their expertise and processes. 

Narvar and parcelLab are two such software that is quite popular with merchants. In this article, we have discussed at length the various features and benefits of each platform. We also look at alternatives to both platforms for added information to brands. 




11.1) How effective is Narvar tracking?

Narvar is well known for its tracing feature that includes accurate order information and branded tracking portals. Retailers looking for predictive delay alerts and delivery estimates will benefit from Narvar’s tracking.

11.2) Which is a better option between Narvar, ClickPost, and parcelLab?

ClickPost takes an edge over Narvar and parcelLab with its integrated carrier network, returns management solutions, and shipping optimization. 

ClickPost as a logistics intelligence platform allows businesses to manage and ship with multiple carriers, fulfill orders faster, and reduce RTO percentage. Its strength also lies in multi-shipment tracking and customized, multi-lingual notifications.