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We’ve gathered all the information you could possibly need about the top alternatives and competitors to 2Ship. 


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Top 2Ship Competitors and Alternatives


1) Introduction

Every eCommerce company requires reliable shipping software to reduce shipping costs and automate shipping tasks to reduce manual labor and efficiency. Fulfilling these terms is 2Ship, a popular shipping software in the global landscape. This article presents the top ten 2Ship competitors with similar features but greater efficiency and specialization. 


2) What is 2Ship?

2Ship is a name that often comes up as a multi-carrier shipping software. However, its branches are spread in multiple direction-logistics, transport, supply chain, and storage. It also allows the virtual distribution of orders across different countries and regions, including keeping shipments on hold and shipping from any consolidation point.

Here are some of its core and specialized features: 

  • Offer real-time carrier rates, a single dashboard for managing every shipment, and shipment visibility along with its history. 

  • Tracking all forms of parcels, including non-delivered ones, analyzing delivery performance and current status of shipments. 

  • Its consolidation feature supports intermodal transport for cross-border shipping, and capturing parcel weight from a digital scale is another helpful feature. 

  • Paperless shipping labels and customs documents, branded email notifications for tracking updates, and templates for customs. 

  • Offers shipment requests for automating supply chain authorization, permitting certain users to process shipments, requesting pickups, etc.


3) Top 2Ship Alternatives and Competitors

While 2Ship has various shipping options and functions, business owners may look for other 2Ship competitors with similar yet unique functionalities. This is why we have curated a list of the best 2Ship alternatives with their detailed shipping features below:


3.1) ClickPost

ClickPost is a global multi-carrier shipping software that enhances last-mile deliveries and optimizes return management. Their integration library has 200 leading carriers, WMS, 3PLs, and multiple storefronts. Business owners can easily integrate with their choice of carriers within 24 hours and start shipping orders to any part of the world.

ClickPost simplifies the daunting aspects of shipping like undelivered orders, stuck inventory, identifying fake deliveries, and more. It operates a powerful NDR (Non-Delivery Report) management portal to identify failed deliveries and their reasons in real time. It resolves them by communicating with customers and captures their responses to direct a successful second delivery attempt. 

Similarly, ClickPost’s AI automatically configures shipping rules to assign the most suitable carrier for each shipment. This feature can help you achieve the best logistics metrics. Meanwhile, it keeps track of your orders with its integrated tracking system. You can see the status of all your orders in real-time from a single portal. 

ClickPost triggers milestone-specific notifications via multiple communication channels to reduce customer inquiries. Like tracking, it specializes in returns management. 

ClickPost creates a customizable returns portal that automatically filters return requests. Similarly, it allocates carriers, manages pick-up exceptions, and offers branded returns tracking pages. The comprehensive features of ClickPost make it an ideal 2Ship alternative.



3.2) Sellercloud

Sellercloud is an order fulfillment and shipping software specializing in omnichannel eCommerce management. Like 2Ship, Sellercloud has multiple integrations with carriers, storefronts, marketplaces, accounting software, payment gateways, and others. If you want to combine inventory management with shipping, then Sellercloud is a good 2Ship competitor. 

Shipping with Sellercloud is an extension of their order fulfillment system. Retailers can verify, pick and pack orders, then print shipping labels. 

The shipping features include managing orders from the Sellercloud shipping app, scanning all packages for correct shipping, and configuring business rules and data points to ship accurately at a low cost. Splitting inventory and creating virtual kits for quicker fulfillment.


3.3) Shipwell

Shipwell is a shipping software platform with the qualities of a Transport Management System, shipment tracking solution, and built-in integrations. Shipwell also pairs with 3PLs and 4PLs to provide a holistic way to manage the supply chain. 

This includes services like allotting carriers for LTL and FTL drayage, no deductions insurance policies, planning transportation and examining KPI performance.

As a 2Ship alternative, Shipwell offers bulk order import, consolidating orders, vehicle routing, and advanced visibility with over-the-map tracking of orders. It also integrates with NetSuite, QuickBooks, and other accounting software to assist businesses in managing finances.


3.4) Easyship

Easyship is a global shipping software company that primarily offers discounted shipping rates for USPS, UPS, DHL, and other carriers. Businesses can get a discount rate of upto 91% and ship internationally with 250 carriers in over 35 countries. 

It masterfully handles all paperwork for customs clearance. For international shipping, Easyship is a good 2Ship competitor. 

Easyship also optimizes the customer checkout experience with dynamic carrier rate display, estimated delivery time, and landed costs with the selection of carriers. As a shipping software, it supports automated shipping rules, label generation, integrations with storefronts, and order tracking in real time. 


3.5) ShippingEasy

ShippingEasy is another software solution that provides discounted shipping rates for USPS and UPS carriers. If you prefer shipping with USPS and UPS, then ShippingEasy can be a beneficial 2Ship alternative. 

Business owners get access to USPS Commercial Rates and insurance discounts for several shipping methods like Flat Rate and Priority Mail. Similarly, retailers get access to UPS Daily Rates with 86% discount, relaxation on specific surcharges, and exclusive Flat Rate Green for heavier packages.

ShippingEasy easily integrates with marketplaces and storefronts, imports orders in real-time, combines and splits orders as required, and generates shipping labels. It also prints packing slips, customs forms, and picklists from any printer. 

With ShippingEasy, you can create rules for managing orders, allot carriers based on delivery preference and have real-time order tracking. This option is available for both drop shipped and returned parcels. 


3.6) Orderhive

If one is looking to combine inventory management with shipping, then Orderhive is the answer to a practical 2Ship alternative. Orderhive, under the aegis of Cin7, is primarily a multi-channel inventory management software with a set of shipping automation features.

Some of its inventory control services include shipping inventory in batches, auto-syncing inventory across all sales channels, and controlling pricing and product categorization. As a shipping software, Orderhive offers Amazon FBA and dropshipping fulfillment with bulk order shipping, a calculator for shipping rates, discounts, and shipping labels from 300 carriers. 

It also has intelligent shipping actions like setting shipping presets, adding order due dates, and customizable shipping with templates for customs paperwork. Orderhive has end-to-end shipment tracking, shipment alerts, return order tracking, and management like others on the list. 


3.7) ShipWorks

ShipWorks is a scalable warehouse management software (WMS) that assists high-volume shippers in controlling shipping efficiency and costs. It offers multiple shipping automation options like order routing, batch order processing, address validation, and barcode shipping. 

Its shipping AI adapts to past shipping behavior and replicates shipping preferences for future shipping. ShipWorks comes with a robust API infrastructure, ODBC integrations, and WMS adaptation without replacing the previous system. 

Like others on the list, ShipWorks provides automatic carrier rate comparison, UPS Daily Rates discounts up to 88%, and negotiated carrier charges. It also has powerful data storage facilities that securely keep customer and shipment information and user permissions settings.


3.8) ShipHawk

ShipHawk is a scalable fulfillment and shipping solution that is a functional 2Ship competitor for high-volume eCommerce retail shippers and independent businesses. 

As an automated shipping platform, ShipHawk works well with ERPs to assist businesses in finding the best carrier rates for LTL and parcel shipping. 

It offers negotiated carrier rates, access to scores of 3PLs, intelligent order routing, and innovative packing features to manage the DIM weight of packages. It accurately calculates packaging dimensions, selects the right pallet for each order, and optimizes delivery based on carrier types, cost, and time traveled. 


3.9) Kuebix TMS

Kuebix is a freight intelligence and shipment delivery software with years of freight forwarding experience. Kuebix supports intermodal shipping with trucks, rail, ocean, and air freight. 

It has an API integration structure for each mode and helps businesses with quick onboarding, EDI connections, tariff uploads, and carrier rate display.

Kuebix TMS has something to offer for every shipper. 

It has cloud-based hosting, carrier rate comparison, spot quotes from carriers, convenient freight booking, and complete visibility of inbound and outbound freight. Moreover, Kuebix supports financial management with carrier invoicing, managing pending claims, and pre-paid functionality.


3.10) ShipWay

ShipWay is primarily a shipment tracking software suitable for a business looking for a 2Ship alternative specifically involving parcel tracking. 

ShipWay works well with reducing ‘where-is-my-order’ calls (WISMO) with branded notifications on multiple channels. Each shipment is given a tracking URL and a customizable branded tracking page. 

It supports multiple languages and monitors Net Promoter Score (NPS), a metric for measuring customer satisfaction and experience. Likewise, it measures RTO (Return to Origin) for every carrier and keeps track of undelivered shipments. 


4) How to Select the Best Alternative and Competitor for 2Ship

Now that we have taken a detailed look at all the 2Ship competitors and their features, one has to question how to choose the right one in the list. Here are some factors to keep in mind:


4.1) Serviceability

2Ship has multiple integrations with major global carriers, and its serviceability area encompasses U.S and Canada. However, if one wants to expand their business in different regions with international shipping support, there are better 2Ship alternatives. 

Softwares like Easyship, Orderhive, Shipwell, and Sellercloud have a global presence and support customs clearance, inventory management across multiple warehouses, and integrations with global 3PLs. 


4.2) Returns Optimization 

For an optimized returns experience, there are multiple 2Ship competitors which fare better, like ClickPost, ShippingEasy, Shipwell, and ShipHawk. They offer strengthened support in returns order tracking, branded tracking pages, managing pick-up exceptions, and notifying customers from multiple channels. All of them are effective in reducing WISMO calls.


4.3) Integration Adequacy

Be it the number of carrier integrations, connections with storefronts, shopping carts, and marketplaces, 3PL, WMS, or ERPs, the greater the number, the better it is for businesses. In this aspect, almost all the 2Ship alternatives score high. 

While some software like ShippingEast, EasyShip, and ClickPost have exhaustive carrier integrations, others like Sellercloud and Orderhive have added integrations with various other eCommerce tools.


4.4) Omnichannel Fulfillment Capacity 

While 2Ship combines shipping with order fulfillment, so do 2Ship competitors like Orderhive, Sellercloud, and ShipHawk. All of them have order processing and fulfillment capacities, including managing warehouse operations and inventory control. 


4.5) Order Management

Shipping software with crucial order management skills is handy for every eCommerce retail business. Regarding this,  multiple 2Ship competitors in the list above have a lot of order management features to boast about. 

Some are adept at importing orders in bulk from multiple sales channels, some have intelligent order routing skills, and others specialize in generating shipping labels and other documents.


5) Final Words

2Ship is a useful multi-carrier shipping software that has been operational since 2009. While 2Ship is an accomplished software solution, it is by no means the only one performing well in shipping. 

As business needs evolve and retailers look for solutions that combine the mastery of 2Ship with specialized features, the need to look for appropriate 2Ship alternatives arises. 

We have tried to present the top 2Ship competitors with their unique selling points, hoping that retailers find the best-performing shipping software.


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