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Top Shiptheory Competitors and Alternatives 


1) Introduction

Shipping software is an indispensable part of every eCommerce business. Maintaining the bandwidth of the order delivery process is crucial without compromising the quality. Shiptheory is a shipping software that ranks high on carrier integration capacity.

If you are an eCommerce merchant looking for more services than Shiptheory offers, then you are at the right place. This article describes ten Shiptheory competitors with similar and exceptional features that may be your ideal Shiptheory alternative in business. 


2) What is Shiptheory?

Shiptheory is a shipping automation software that connects your eCommerce web store with multiple leading carrier companies. The top feature of Shiptheory is shipping label generation with automatic printing. Shiptheory links with desktop or thermal printers to generate shipping labels without manual intervention. 


Here are some other features that make Shiptheory a prime shipping software:

  • It presents a flexible shipping rule feature. eCommerce retailers can create shipment rules based on destination, order value, product weight, etc., and designate carriers based on them. 

  • It regulates international shipping with automatic customs paper generation and paperless trade documents.  

  • It offers shipment data analysis. eCommerce companies get real-time insights into order volumes, shipment destinations, superior delivery services, etc.  


3) Top Shiptheory Alternatives and Competitors 

Though Shiptheory has ten years of experience in logistics, we have listed shipping software that overlays Shiptheory’s shipping features with exemplary services. Here are the ten  Shiptheory competitors:

3.1) ClickPost

ClickPost is a multi-carrier shipping solution that handles the A to Z of shipping needs for medium to large businesses. ClickPost is a cloud-based solution with a single dashboard view for managing and tracking shipments across carriers. 

Its exhaustive list of integration with over 200 global carriers, WMS, eCommerce marketplaces, and storefronts makes it a top Shiptheory alternative. Its APIs facilitate easy shipping label generation from the dashboard and courier pages. Moreover, it assists businesses with airway bill creation, order manifests, and returns labels.


  • Manages pickup and delivery exceptions with its NDR (Non-Delivery Report) and NPR (Non-Pickup Report) management portal.

  • Configures with brand’s rules to create automated shipping rules and intelligently allocates carriers to reduce manual tasks and save costs.

  • Excellent returns management, including automated returns portal, real-time tracking updates, and branded tracking page.

  • Offers COD reconciliation tracks SLA breaches and real-time area serviceability at checkout.

3.2) ShippyPro

ShippyPro is a Shiptheory competitor with an extensive integration database. It connects with 167 global carriers in over 38 countries and 75 eCommerce sales channels. 


  • Automated carrier allocation, carrier rates comparison, and fast shipping label generation.

  • One tracking dashboard for all shipments and branded email notifications in eight languages.

  • Optimized checkout process with live rate display, map to point carrier’s drop-off location, and distance measurements for customer convenience. 

3.3) ShippingEasy

ShippingEasy is a shipping software famous for providing discounted USPS and UPS rates. Moreover, as a Shiptheory alternative, it offers automated shipping and tracks order fulfillment data and branded tracking. 


  • Intuitive interface that seamlessly imports orders from any sales channel.

  • One-click order tracking for customers with branded tracking page and delivery notifications.

  • Enhance customer marketing with customizable templates for email campaigns and trigger-based deals for more sales.

3.4) EasyShip

EasyShip is a club-based shipping software that primarily offers negotiated carrier rates that can go upto 91% discounts. EasyShip is another Shiptheory competitor with widespread carrier integrations in over fifty countries. It also aids businesses in international shipping.


  • Create shipments with multiple methods, compare shipping rates based on delivery times, insurance 

  • Generate documents like shipping labels and commercial invoices and schedule carrier pick-ups from the dashboard.

  • Global shipping to 220 countries, complete visibility of taxes and duties, and assistance in customs clearance.

3.5) ShipWorks

ShipWorks is a comprehensive shipping software with integrations with major U.S. carriers and over eighty eCommerce marketplaces. For a Shiptheory competitor, ShipWorks works on a broader scale, from generating shipping labels to order fulfillment. It is best united for high-volume shippers.


  • Streamline order fulfillment capacities with automated shipping workflows and order routing for inventory located in multiple warehouses.

  • Works in tandem with warehouses with API integrations, discounts on shipping rates, insurance coverage, and batch shipment processing.

  • Easily create shipping rules based on package size, weight, and shipping method and integrate with existing WMS without replacing them. 

3.6) ShipTime

Based out of Ontario, Canada, ShipTime specializes in freight and parcel transportation. With ShipTime, retailers can ship packages, envelopes, and LTL freight. Like other Shiptheory alternatives, ShipTime compares shipping rates from leading carriers in the U.S. and Canada. 


  • Supports international package and freight shipping to 220 countries with discounts on various shipping methods.

  • Offers discount memberships to small business retailers with CFIB (Canadian Federation of Independent Business) and secures Aeroplan points on each dollar.

  • Compares shipping rates, convenient address lookup tool, and automatically generates shipping labels and commercial invoices.

3.7) Ordoro

Ordoro is an eCommerce logistics software for small and medium businesses to manage inventory, order fulfillment, and shipping. If you are looking for inventory management software with shipping capacities, then Ordoro can be considered a practical Shiptheory competitor.

Though it majorly streamlines the checkout process for merchants; however, it also serves as shipping software for printing shipping labels and packing lists.


  • Offers USPS rate discount, integrations with 3PLs, and order import from any eCommerce channel.

  • Assists in faster order fulfillment by generating shipping labels in batches, supporting advanced picking and packing, and automating shipping rules.

  • Provides branded experiences like logos on labels, branded emails, and personalized packing lists.

3.8) ShipStation

ShipStation is another cloud-based shipping software that manages order fulfillment and shipping. It is particularly adept at streamlining fulfillment services for businesses having a monthly shipping volume of fewer than 5000 orders. 

Several features make ShipStation a good Shiptheory competitor, notably tracking shipments, wireless printing, and endless automation. 


  • Import orders from eCommerce sales channels and automatically integrate with ERPs, IMS, CRMs, and shipping carriers. 

  • Print shipping labels in batches of 500, compare carrier rates with access to up to 88% discounts and follow scan-based fulfillment workflows.

  • Track orders in transit, view order analytics from multiple channels and extend brand-customized emails to customers.

3.9) ShipperHQ

ShipperHQ is a shipping management software specializing in storefront shipping and checkout optimization. What makes ShipperHQ a viable Shiptheory alternative is its ability to reduce cart abandonment rates, specify accurate estimated delivery dates, and expedited shipping options.


  • Assists dropshipping from multi-origin warehouses with custom shipping and handling rules and assign carriers for each origin location for automated shipping.

  • Get LTL freight rates, calculate accurate surcharges and assign products to different freight classes for accuracy in pricing.

  • Business tools and APIs for customizable website integrations offer multiple pick-up locations with store hours and Google API to display them at checkout.

3.10) Shipwell

Shipwell is a software that combines TMS, shipment tracking, and an integrated network. Shipwell is a comprehensive supply chain management solution that partners with 3PLs and 4PLs. Hence, it provides an expansive delivery performance for FTL/LTL drayage and reduces operational costs and transportation planning.


  • Automate shipment planning by eliminating manual tasks with API integrations and bulk order import, consolidating orders with the Load Optimization tool and routing guides. 

  • Advanced shipment visibility with over-the-map monitoring to track obstacles en route, responsive estimated arrival times considering traffic and weather conditions.

  • In-built tools for payment and billing, native support for NetSuite and QuickBooks,  and predictions for market rate to reduce transport cost.


4) How to Select the Best Alternative and Competitor for Shiptheory?

The primary tasks of the ten Shiptheory alternatives align well with Shiptheory’s shipping functions. But, to select the best Shiptheory competitor, one has to consider the following factors for optimal return on investment carefully:


4.1) Shipment Tracking Speed

One of the significant features of Shiptheory is fast shipment tracking. Tracking orders is a must-have for all businesses, especially since it directly post-purchase customer experience.  Real-time tracking involves capturing parcel status from carriers, updating it to the brand’s tracking portal, and relaying it to customers via notifications. 

The main Shiptheory competitors like ClickPost, ShipStation, EasyShip, ShippingEasy, and ShippyPro offer better tracking systems with branded tracking tools like customizable tracking portals.


4.2) Integration Capacity 

An extensive integration library and fast integration capacity are priorities for any Shiptheory alternative. Shipping solutions like ShipperHQ, Shipwell, ShipTime, Ordoro, and ClickPost have pre-built integrations with global carriers, WMS, 3PLS, storefronts, and others.

In many cases, they have faster integration speed and are open to integrating with any carriers the retailers prefer.


4.3) Customer Support Efficiency

Every software, at one point or the other, requires support in understanding and working with the software. While occasional bugs, glitches, and system errors aren’t always avoidable, finding a Shiptheory alternative with an excellent support system matters. 

Fast response time, on-call support and timely consultation, feedback generation, and constant communication are the hallmarks of an ideal customer support solution.


4.4) Shipping Label Generation

The hallmark of Shiptheory is that it facilitates efficient shipping label generation from any printer. Therefore, its competitor must also have adequate and fast shipping label generation. 

Almost all Shiptheory alternatives support label creation in the list above, and some, like Ordoro and ShipStation, also generate branded shipping labels and packing lists. Meanwhile, software like ClickPost and Easyship also generates waybills, return labels, and commercial invoices. 


4.5) Customer Reviews

All the Shiptheory competitors in our list are packed with powerful features. However, one of the best ways to understand their applicability is to read reviews by eCommerce retailers using them. 

Their feedback is a goldmine with loads of information about how any Shiptheory alternative has helped their business and their pros and cons. More importantly, they suggest areas where this shipping software can improve and if you should try any of them.


5) Final Words

No one can question the importance of having shipping software. However, each business owner has their own preferred choice of shipping solution. While Shiptheory is a customer-centric and efficient shipping software, it goes without saying other alternatives bring more to the plate. 

We have listed the ten best Shiptheory competitors that specialize in various areas. Some amalgamate inventory management with shipping convenience. Some help exclusively with freight and international shipping, and others are excellent in tracking and returns management. 

After reading this article, we hope you understand what to look for in your ideal Shiptheory alternative.


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