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We have prepared a thorough and unbiased list of the top 8 competitors and alternatives to MetaPack based on 12 crucial parameters.


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An Unbiased Comparison of MetaPack and Its Competitors 





AfterShip Shipstation ParcelPerform WeSupplyLabs Shippo

Branded Tracking Page

Intermediate Advanced Advanced Basic Intermediate Basic Intermediate Advanced Basic

Cross-selling during tracking

Intermediate Advanced Advanced Intermediate Basic Intermediate Intermediate Basic Basic

Tracking updates to customers

MetaPack SMS, WhatsApp,Email Email, SMS, Facebook Email, SMS Email, SMS, Webhooks Email, SMS Email SMS, WhatsApp, Email Email

Reverse Logistics

Intermediate Advanced No Intermediate No Intermediate No Intermediate No

Shipping Delay Management

No Advanced No No No No No Basic No

Integrated tracking dashboard

No Yes Yes Yes No No No Yes Yes

Failed deliveries Management

No Yes No No No No No No No

Provides shipping rates

Yes No No Yes No No Yes No Yes


Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes No Yes No
Delivery Date Prediction Yes Yes Yes No No Yes No Yes No
Multi-carrier integration Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes



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Why Companies Need To Shift From MetaPack to ClickPost

Intelligent Carrier Allocation

ClickPost AI automatically allocates orders to the best carrier based on shipping metrics like delivery region, shipping prices, RTO%, overall performance, customer reviews, etc.

Real-Time Order Tracking and Updates

ClickPost uses dual APIs, webhooks and polling to make sure orders can be tracked in real-time and triggers updates to customer’s email, SMS and WhatsApp.

Management of Shipping Exceptions and Delays

ClickPost’s exceptions management engine automatically resolves shipping/delivery exceptions, order delays and fake delivery attempts.

24/7 Tech and Customer Support

ClickPost’s around-the-clock technical support team ensures a faster onboarding time for companies so you can start shipping immediately. The tech support team is always on standby to address queries faster.

Best Returns Management

The ClickPost software offers a returns management portal that can be fully configured and customised to include various rules and metrics to deal with reverse logistics.

Most Competitive Shipping Rates

ClickPost offers the best value for money by offering services and features that can be customised to suit your shipping operations.



1) ClickPost


ClickPost is a leading global logistics SaaS platform that provides vital shipping and order management solutions to ecommerce companies. ClickPost WMS and OMS solutions help businesses scale quickly without spending a lot of their capital.


- ClickPost is pre-integrated with 150+ global carriers and helps businesses integrate with online marketplaces and storefronts like Amazon, Magento, Shopify, etc. with a click of a button. Don’t see your favourite carrier in the list? Just tell us and we will integrate with them on your behalf.

- A single API integration allows label printing, AWB printing, order creation and much more.

- Provide real-time tracking with constant order updates to customers on a fully customizable branded tracking page that increases business with cross-selling opportunities.

- ClickPost’s recommendation engine auto allocates carriers for orders based on shipping location, weight, shipping rates, etc.

- Robust NDR Management (Non-Delivery Report) helps ecommerce stores tackle shipping delays and exceptions and lowers the RTO%.

- View and manage orders across various platforms in a single unified dashboard. Receive regular detailed analytics reports on shipping performance.

Pros: ClickPost performs exceptionally well with huge order volumes and has 24/7 customer care and tech support to solve queries. Provides fast integrations.

Cons: ClickPost is most suitable for large online enterprises and very few SMEs.


2) AfterShip


AfterShip is an ecommerce tracking software that lends its services to all over the world. It has integrations with a huge number of carriers to provide shipping services in almost every region of the world.


-Send orders all over the world with AfterShip’s 400+ carriers. Improve business opportunities with the marketplace and selling channel integrations.

-Provide full order visibility to customers with branded tracking and increase sales with massive cross-selling and upselling opportunities.

Pros: Ecommerce businesses can communicate with customers through the tracking page and help address concerns and queries.

Cons: Technical support is usually not available in the case of workflow bugs or other issues.


3) ShipStation


ShipStation is an order and inventory management platform that helps ecommerce businesses with supply chain management solutions. It is also known for brand promotion services.


-Get access to 70+ carriers and easy integrations with popular marketplaces and selling channels.

-Sync order data and inventory across all platforms and print shipping labels from a single dashboard.

Pros: Excellent inventory management services coupled with integrations to all major selling platforms.

Cons: After onboarding, many companies have faced the issue of bugs in their system and poor technical support.


4) ParcelPerform


ParcelPerform is a logistics software company with operations in the US. It offers excellent order management and tracking services to ecommerce companies.


-ParcelPerform comes pre-integrated with a whopping 600+ carriers that eCommerce companies can start using immediately.

-Share tracking updates with customers via a branded tracking page and messages. Receive performance reports on shipping.

Pros: Robust customer support helps reduce WISMO calls to e-commerce organisations.

Cons: The software can be hard to use because of repeated glitches and bugs.


5) WeSupplyLabs


WeSupplyLabs is a shipment and order management software with major operations in the United States for ecommerce retailers.


-Choose from 100+ carriers to deliver orders and track orders through order notifications and also on a branded tracking page.

-Offers returns management through an easy-to-use returns portal.

Pros: Offers extensive customer support resulting in greater customer satisfaction.

Cons: Integration with carriers takes time. The carrier selection is limited with WeSupplyLabs.


6) Shippo


Shippo is an ecommerce software that streamlines shipping operations and provides multi-carrier integrations for businesses. It has extensive reach in the United States.


-Get automated carrier selection from 85+ carrier integrations. Offer customs clearance and brokerage.

-Show ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) on all orders via branded tracking page and send order updates to customers by email.

Pros: Lower shipping costs and faster onboarding process. 

Cons: Hidden charges in shipping rates and poor customer service.


7) Narvar


Narvar is an ecommerce shipping and supply chain management software that majorly operates in the United States. It aims to improve the post-purchase experience of customers.


-Integrate with 350+ carriers, marketplaces, virtual storefronts, ecommerce platforms, etc. Manage returns and exchanges easily.

-Provide branded tracking pages for all customers and automatically print shipping labels.

Pros: Narvar pays enough attention to returns management and allows companies to customise their returns portal.

Cons: There is a delay in sending order update notifications to customers. 


8) EasyShip


EasyShip is an American shipping software that provides shipping and tracking solutions to ecommerce companies.


-Get free access to 250+ shipping carriers along with marketplaces, storefronts and other selling channels.

-Schedule pickups, offer tracking updates and avail of discounted shipping rates on orders with EasyShip.

Pros: The EasyShip software is simple, straightforward and easy to use.

Cons: Companies experience several bugs and glitches in the EasyShip and next to none technical support.





1. What is MetaPack?

Answer: MetaPack is a delivery management software that aims to promote and expand business opportunities for ecommerce companies. It has 6 global offices across the world and works with 400+ carriers to provide faster shipping to customers. Some of MetaPack’s featured services include Next Day, Click and Collect and International Delivery.


2. Which is the best MetaPack alternative?

Answer: There are several MetaPack alternatives and competitors available in the market. But the best alternatives to MetaPack are ClickPost, AfterShip, ShipStation and Shippo. All of these logistics software companies provide many services over and above the ones provided by MetaPack.


3. How to track orders with MetaPack?

Answer: MetaPack offers order tracking with its Delivery Tracker portal. Customers can track their orders on MetaPack by simply entering their DM Consignment Codes, Order Number or Tracking Reference.


4. When should I start looking for MetaPack alternatives and competitors?

Answer: Ecommerce companies should start looking for MetaPack alternatives when their business reaches a certain point where it starts outgrowing the services offered by MetaPack. As your business scales up you will realise your goals shifting from plain order fulfillment to enhancing the post-purchase experience of your customers. This stage requires focussing on returns management or reverse logistics, shipping exceptions management and overall customer satisfaction. 


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