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Table Of Contents

Dypaq Services

Shipping services  

  • Domestic Shipping

  • B2B, B2C, and C2C Shipments

  • Prepaid Flat Rate Shipping

Special services

  • Home Collection

  • Storage and Warehousing Solutions

  • Packing Solutions

Technology services

  • Shipment Tracking

  • EOD Calculation 

  • API Integration

About Dypaq


Dypaq is a Mexican courier providing B2C as well as C2C services. Dypaq also provides multimodal transport and logistics services. To transport products like documents, correspondence, brochures, and catalogs, you can use their ‘Messenger Service’.

Dypaq has one of the reach in the states of Yucatan Peninsula, Tabasco, Chiapas, Veracruz, and Puebla. They can provide unparalleled reach as they have offices and delivery centers at more than 430 locations. This is complemented by a fleet of vehicles with diverse capabilities ranging all the way from motorcycles to 20-ton trucks.

In addition to the usual shipping services, Dypaq provides additional services like package insurance, scheduled deliveries, packaging services, and storage solutions. When using their home pickup services, they provide the convenience of carrying out the documentation at your home. If you want to pick up the shipment instead of opting for last-mile delivery, they also provide the option of delivering packages at their office location.

For businesses shipping a large volume of orders, they offer personalized transportation and logistics services. You can also go a step further and opt for fully-fledged supply chain management services. Dypaq’s warehousing solutions can come in handy in this case. 

They offer online tools for tracking shipments and estimating delivery dates. You can also raise a package pickup request from their website.

Dypaq offers deep shipping API integration with third-party shipment management platforms. You can use their API to manifest, manage, and track shipments. Clickpost features end-to-end integration with Dypaq and can help you manage shipments across carriers from the same page. API integration with Clickpost also enables you to leverage added features like shipment tracking, returns management and more. You can also upload your SLA with Dypaq on the ClickPost platform and take advantage of lower shipping rates and better delivery commitments.

FAQs about Dypaq


1) What can be shipped via the ‘Messenger Service’ provided by Dypaq?

The ‘Messenger Service’ provided by Dypaq can be used to ship documents. You can use this to ship correspondence, brochures, and catalogs. 

Note that packages sent through the ‘Messenger Service’ have a 1 kg weight limit. If your package exceeds this weight or exceeds the dimensions for documents, you will have to ship them as a normal package. 

2) What kind of security features are available when shipping using Dypaq?

When shipping with Dypaq, GPS tracking and radio communication are offered by default on all shipping units. If a client has additional tracking and safety requirements, Dypaq can accommodate that through their tailored shipping services.

List of Dypaq APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

This API is used for sharing order details with the courier partner and generating shipping labels

Track Shipment API: Used to track shipped orders
Cancellation API Used to handle canceled orders
EDD API: Provides the estimated delivery date if shipped with the fastest courier, also provides the courier ID for the fastest option
NDR Action update: Used to handle and resolve failed deliveries
Return Web-hooks: Used to create, approve, and handle product returns




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