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Table Of Contents

Envoi Services

Shipping services  

  • Same-day delivery

  • Route Optimized delivery

Special services

  • Returns and Exchanges

  • Scheduled Pickups

Technology services

  • Live tracking services

  • Order Management dashboard

About Envoi


Envoi is a delivery service provider that focuses on enabling a better customer experience through a seamless shipping service. The carrier is known for its same-day services around the Toronto Area and has separate platforms for retailers and shoppers. This allows for better driver management and resource allocation.

The Envoi platform was established in 2017 in Toronto, Canada. The same-day delivery platform was started with just a Honda Civic delivering pharmacy prescriptions. Currently, the platform delivers from coast to coast through a technology-enabled seamless supply chain. 

The same-day delivery service by Envoi uses artificial intelligence and ML-based learning algorithms to optimize the delivery route for the drivers. The infrastructure was built in order to support modern omni-channel supply chains. The real-time synchronization offered by the carriers enables you to establish centralized management over a widespread supply chain. 

The Envoi backend connects the order management system through an API so as to introduce automation and customization to the workflow. The intelligent dashboard of the carrier derives insights from the performance data. These insights can be used to design a better fulfillment process to offer an enhanced customer experience. 

The driver application of Envoi is a separate platform that allows drivers to seamlessly manage their packages and earnings. The application will assign them a shipment/s to pick up and deliver the shipments with the help of an optimized route. Additionally, the application will share the location info of the driver to allow you to provide real-time tracking updates.

The Envoi platform also has a return service, which allows you to control the returns experience of the customer. The two-way communication gateway allows you to establish proactive communication between the customer and the pickup executive. Furthermore, the use of return tracking allows customers to be at peace about their order and refund. ClickPost has a courier API integration with Envoi that allows you to use the same-day delivery feature and provide additional features like active notifications, live tracking, etc.

FAQs about Envoi


1) What are the features of the Envoi Driver’s Application?

Envoi’s driver application uses an assignment-based model to manage the deliveries and the drivers. The feature of this application includes a live tracking platform, live notifications, and route optimization.


2) Does Envoi have a returns program?

The Envoi returns process uses a two-way communication gateway to ensure a seamless returns process. This returns process notifies the customer about every milestone their return order crosses and ensures a quick refund. This allows you to retain the clients, even though they did not have a good experience with the product.

List of Envoi APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

Generate a shipping label to manifest an order with the carrier

Track Shipment API:

Track the shipment to enable customers to get real-time status of their order

Cancellation API

Cancel the shipping request to return the order to the merchant


Estimate the delivery date using the performance data to display it on the checkout page

NDR Action update:

Use automated workflow to resolve failed deliveries

Return Web-hooks:

Implement webhooks to trigger order returns




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