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Table Of Contents

Logicarts Services

Shipping services  

  • On-Time shipping

  • Cost and Freight Forwarding

  • Last Mile Delivery

Special services

  • Warehouse management

  • Fulfillment centers

  • Special delivery fleet

Technology services

  • Live order tracking

  • Shipment transparency

  • 24/7 chat support

About Logicarts


Logicarts is an ecommerce logistics aggregation platform that uses AI and ML to make shipping and fulfillment a more automated and less time-consuming process. Their main aim is to bring the power of logistics automation to smaller businesses and unorganized sectors. It started its operations in 2019 with headquarters in Bengaluru, India. Since its inception, Logicarts has made several successful on-demand deliveries from seller warehouses to customer doorsteps. 

It has also acquired over 6000 delivery vehicles and 95000 square feet of storage space. It is currently in the process of expanding its fleet to 1 lakh vehicles and over 5 lakh square feet of warehouse space. Logicarts is available in nearly 200 tier 2 and tier 3 cities in India and has extensive partnerships with 3000+ carriers, marketplaces, selling channels, and shopping carts. It has 7000 serviceable pin codes and ships approximately 15000 packages every day. 

Some of Logicarts’ most noteworthy services include last-mile delivery optimization, warehousing solutions, and freight forwarding. It also offers cost and freight (C&F or CFR) services for ocean, land, and rail freight. C&F is the best way to ship overseas shipments at cost-effective rates. What’s more, in C&F, the seller takes full responsibility for arranging the type of shipping vessel and other minutiae of international delivery. Ecommerce companies can also arrange for Logicarts to pick up shipments from their own warehouses instead of using the carrier’s. 

Online sellers looking to enhance their customers’ post-purchase experience are sure to appreciate Logicarts’ guaranteed on-time delivery. They can also keep their customers looped in with real-time order tracking updates after every crucial checkpoint. Order transparency also helps businesses trust their partners and manage risky situations like delayed or failed deliveries. Logicarts uses data-driven AI technology to process orders. This means next to nil chances of errors in order fulfillment and at exceptionally reduced costs. 

Logicarts is trusted by some of the biggest ecommerce industry players for their swift deliveries and economical prices. A 24/7 customer support team is available to handle all customer questions and help new clients onboard without any difficulties. ClickPost has deep logistics API integrations with Logicarts. Go live with ClickPost Logicarts API integration in just 1 day!

FAQs about Logicarts


1) Does Logicarts provide pickup and packaging services?

Yes, Logicarts provides pickup and delivery, and packaging services. However, before placing your order, make sure your location falls under a serviceable pin code. You can schedule pickup and delivery beforehand with Logicarts.


2) How to track a Logicarts order?

As a customer, you can track your Logicarts order by entering the Order ID provided to you at the Logicarts tracking link. Sellers can track their Logicarts shipments from the platform dashboard.

List of Logicarts APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:
Auto generates AWB numbers and shipping labels for easy printing and order processing
Track Shipment API:
Keeps track of all outgoing and incoming shipments 
Cancellation API
Halts all further shipment processing and cancels the order
Indicates when a parcel will reach the customer, i.e., the estimated delivery date, depending on the pin code
NDR Action update:
Notifies carriers about failed deliveries and initiates prompt further action
Return Web-hooks:
Enables customers to place return requests via return portals




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