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Table Of Contents

Vhubs Services

Shipping services  

  • First-Mile Delivery

  • Middle-Mile Delivery

  • Last-Mile Delivery

Special services

  • Warehousing

  • Distribution Hubs

  • Logistics consultations services

Technology services

  • Cross Border Logistics 

  • Shipment Tracking

About Vhubs


Based in Giza, Vhubs is a logistics company steeped in the eCommerce scenario of the Middle East and Egypt in particular. It pioneered a logistics solutions platform that specializes in white-labeled custom solutions. The company extends a helping hand to eCommerce brands in building a robust logistics strategy for quick scaling.

With a customer-centric approach, Vhubs offers integral shipping and consulting services to ease online businesses into new geographies. Its core offerings include a comprehensive shipping package involving first-mile to last-mile delivery facilities. 

With Vhubs, retailers get access to its distribution hubs and warehouses. They avail of two-wheeler and four-wheeler vehicles as well as trained manpower to handle all shipping processes. 

Similar to its shipping adeptness, Vhubs also extends special logistical consultation services. This involves offering market and service information and guiding businesses with successful strategies to grow their logistics operations. Its expertise in consultation lies in supply chain diagnostic, sales and operations planning, and distribution.

Apart from these, Vhubs is channeling its impressive infrastructure and technological endowments into facilitating cross-border logistics. It has already made headway into Africa. It is currently focusing on developing dark stores and a one-stop shop for all its services across its network bases in Africa and the Middle East. 

Businesses can onboard with Vhubs via ClickPost API integrations within 24 hours. 

FAQs about Vhubs


1) What is Vhubs?

Vhubs is a logistics solution company offering white-labeled shipping and consultation services. Vhubs has two offices. One is in Giza (Egypt), and the other is in Abu Dhabi (UAE). Apart from its headquarters, it has a good presence in the cities of Africa and the Middle East. 


2) How can eCommerce businesses benefit from Vhubs?

Vhubs is a premier logistics company based out of Giza, Egypt. It has a solid understanding of the Middle East and Africa eCommerce market. As such, it helps businesses with supply chain management and sales planning for upscaling. It also presents shipping solutions encompassing first-mile to last-mile delivery. 


List of Vhubs APIs

API Description
Manifestation and shipping label generation API:

Automatically manifest orders with carriers and generate shipping labels. 

Track Shipment API:

Get real-time order tracking with robust push and pull APIs.

Cancellation API

Cancel orders without any hassle with a single cancellation API.


Predict accurate delivery dates with a few inputs. 

NDR Action update:

Trigger NDR protocol to combat failed deliveries and reduce RTOs.

Return Web-hooks:

Seamlessly place return order pickup requests with return webhooks. 




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