Easyship Vs ShipStation

Here's an unbiased comparison of Easyship v/s Shipstation across 10 objective parameters


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an unbiased Comparison of EasyShip with ShipStation & ClickPost






No. of Courier Partners

More than 250 Almost 84 More than 150

COD Services

Yes Only for selected shipping companies Yes

Order Tracking Page

Advanced Intermediate Advanced

Returns Management

Intermediate Intermediate Advanced

Carrier Selection Engine

Rules coupled with artificial intelligence Rules coupled with artificial intelligence Rules coupled with artificial intelligence

NDR Management

Does not offer Does not offer Advanced

Provides shipping rates

Yes Yes Yes

Hyperlocal Delivery 

No No Yes

Dashboard For Analytics 

Yes Yes Yes


EasyShip Vs. ShipStation


1) Introduction

The fate of every ecommerce company relies heavily on the kind of shipping services it provides its customers. Shipping software, therefore, becomes a necessity that no online retailer should overlook. Shipping management software can simplify many parts of the supply chain operation and provide faster delivery to customers. 

But choosing the best shipping software for ecommerce companies is easier said than done. If you find yourself asking questions like, 'which is the best ecommerce shipping software?', 'how much does it cost?', 'what services does it provide?', then you have come to the right place.

In this post, we will discuss two of the best shipping management platforms in the ecommerce industry, EasyShip, and ShipStation. We will make a blow-by-blow comparison of its features, pros, and cons. Lastly, we'll share tips on picking the best one for your online shop.


2) What is Shipping Software?

Shipment management software is increasingly popular in today's business landscape. It offers a straightforward way to simplify shipment and freight operations for consistency and accuracy. Shipping management software can help streamline shipment processes, track shipments, optimize routes, and support rate shopping, all in real time.

The software also allows for order status notifications, flexible shipment tracking features, and integration with other business software systems—helping companies gain visibility into their supply chain and profitability. With shipment management software, businesses can ensure that their orders make it from origin to destination quickly and efficiently.


3) About EasyShip

Easyship is software that allows businesses to manage several operations related to their shipments. It was established in 2015 in New York, where it is currently headquartered. The platform is one of the most popular shipping software in the United States and allows its clients to reach more than 220 countries. Easyship helps online sellers navigate shipping easily. You'll get the most competitive shipping rate by offering real-time pricing options from leading shipping carriers.  

Easyship serves businesses in more than 27 countries and is integrated with 250+ domestic and international shipping and logistics services. It generates 3.2 shipping labels every second and has made over 3 billion API calls. The platform owns and operates over 50 warehouses throughout the world. You can automate international shipping paperwork and select optimal shipping routes with ease. Easyship will help reduce shipping costs while providing a seamless shipping experience. With features like enhanced tracking and delivery confirmation, you can trust that your customers' orders are in good hands.

Easyship offers a host of shipping solutions. Some of its offerings are:

  • Shipping Management Tool: It helps businesses manage their orders and shipments. It also offers several shipping automation solutions.

  • Platform Integrations: It enables API integrations with leading shipping companies, digital marketplaces, and storefronts, as well as enterprise resource planning services.

  • Rates at Checkout: It allows businesses to display shipping rates at the checkout page. The rates are calculated in real-time and help improve trust with customers.

  • Manage Your Brand Experience: It allows businesses to create branded tracking pages, messages, and notifications for an improved post-purchase experience. 


Features of Easyship

  • Easyship enables the selection of shipping services from over 250 companies.

  • It provides real-time information on the shipping cost and the estimated delivery date.

  • It helps businesses create an improved user experience through branded pages and messages.

  • It improves the visibility of shipments through integrated tracking pages and notifications.

  • The platform offers tools to manage fulfillment services such as warehousing and inventory management, order packaging, order returns, and customs clearance. 


  • The platform is affordable and is famous for offering significant shipping discounts.

  • Easyship's layout is user-friendly and syncs easily with most e-commerce websites, including Shopify.

  • Every online company is assigned an account manager who proactively resolves all issues.


  • Out of the 4 plans that Easyship offers, 3 have a limit on the number of shipments that a business can process in a given month. 

  • Some entrepreneurs complain of package overcharging.

  •  The platform faces some bugs and glitches from time to time, making it harder to use for time-definite deliveries. 


4) About ShipStation

ShipStation is a US-based shipping automation and order management software. The platform was launched in 2011 and is headquartered in Austin, Texas. The company works with eCommerce businesses to help them manage their shipping, fulfillment, and order processing operations. It allows them to automate shipping processes across all their sales channels, connecting customers with major shipping providers such as USPS, UPS, and DHL for easy shipping. With ShipStation's advanced shop integration capabilities, merchants can easily manage orders from their stores, creating a centralized space to process all their shipping needs quickly and securely.

ShipStation works with over 100,000 eCommerce merchants and is integrated with over 34 marketplaces and digital storefronts. It allows also offers API integrations with over 84 shipping and logistics companies from around the world. This service reduces the time spent on shipping tasks and makes it easier for businesses to offer fast, reliable shipping services that will keep their customers happy. ShipStation allows you to set up custom shipping rules based on weight or destination, helping merchants maximize efficiency and minimize costs in order fulfillment.

ShipStation offers the following services to its clients:

  • Order Management: Allows businesses to integrate with top-selling channels, control order management, receive insights, and automate processes through a single platform.

  • Shipping: Allows businesses to generate discounted shipping labels, discover competitive shipping rates, generate batch orders, and more. 

  • Branding: Enables businesses to enhance the post-purchase experience through branded tracking pages, custom labels, branded returns pages, and more.

  • Inventory Management: Helps businesses manage their inventory, view stock levels, set alerts for items in shortage, allocate orders for packaging, and more. 


Features of ShipStation

  • ShipStation helps businesses manage eCommerce orders by creating tags, filters, and alerts.

  • It allows users to automate processes to improve efficiency.

  • The platform allows businesses to split and merge orders for partial fulfillment.

  • It provides businesses with comprehensive reports to assess the performance of shipping operations.

  • It allows businesses to browse shipping rates from a roster of pre-negotiated rates.

  • It enables the creation of branded pages for tracking and returning orders. It also helps deliver customized messages and notifications to customers for an improved customer experience.

  • It helps businesses manage inventory, allocate stock for specific purposes, view stock levels, set alerts for stock levels, and more. 


  • The platform offers a great price comparison tool.

  • ShipStation offers an easily navigable platform and a single window for overseeing all orders.

  • Ecommerce businesses can easily merge, break or bundle orders using ShipStation.


  • The alerts service provided by the platform is not up to the mark. The alerts are generic and not configurable.

  • ShipStation's customer support is often unreliable.

  • Many users face problems editing customer information in CSV files.

5) Which is the Best Option - Easyship or ShipStation?

Choosing the right shipping software can make a massive difference to your shipping process, but it can sometimes be challenging to decide between two options. In this case, deciding between Easyship and ShipStation can be tough. Each one offers different features that may appeal to different shipping needs.

If you're looking for an easy entry into shipping, Easyship is an excellent option as it provides access to discounted shipping rates with top carriers and an intuitive shipping experience. Meanwhile, ShipStation is a full-service shipping platform that offers greater customization, analytics, and automation possibilities for companies of all sizes. Ultimately, deciding between the two shipping solutions comes down to individual preferences and specific business needs.


6) Looking for an EasyShip and ShipStation Alternative for Your Business?

While both Easyship and ShipStation are great shipping software, if you want to ace the e-commerce delivery game, then you need an even more advanced SaaS platform like ClickPost. 

ClickPost is a multi-carrier logistics platform helping businesses in over 200 countries provide the best post-purchase experience to their customers. It comes with a pre-integrated list of 300+ reputed shipping carriers like FedEx, DHL, Aramex, Blue Dart, UPS, DHL, and more. It auto-syncs with numerous selling channels and displays orders from all your stores in a single unified dashboard. 

Businesses looking for returns management services can opt for ClickPost's returns management or Shopify Returns feature. ClickPost customers report a significant decline in failed and delayed deliveries since they started using the platform. ClickPost helps businesses scale up without spending a fortune on infrastructure and workforce. 

Want to know more about ClickPost? Please get in touch!


7) Conclusion

All in all, both Easyship and Shipstation are great shipping software solutions that can streamline your eCommerce business. It depends on your specific needs as to which one would work better for you. If you need more customization options and are willing to pay a little extra, Shipstation may be the way to go. However, if you're on a budget and just need basic functionality, Easyship is definitely worth checking out. Have you used either of these shipping software solutions before? What was your experience like? Let us know in the comments below!




1) Does ShipStation offer a free plan?

No, ShipStation does not have a free pricing plan. It has a 14-day free-of-cost trial period.

2) Does Easyship provide customizable shipping options?

Yes, Easyship offers many customizable shipping options like product packages, delivery preferences, packaging, etc.



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