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1) Introduction

An eCommerce business runs successfully after managing the entire shipping cycle for its freight and parcel shipments. A safe solution is to use a Transport Management System (TMS) or shipping software. These tools modulate the shipping process and ensure end-to-end shipment visibility. 

The idea is to invest in a software solution that would handle logistical operations from carrier procurement to allocation. This ensures that shipment movement is monitored with IoT and delivery performance maximized. Kuebix is one such software that has a lead in this area. 

This article introduces you to Kuebix and its best alternatives. After reading this, you can choose an ideal Kuebix competitor with TMS and shipping features. 


2) What is Kuebix

Kuebix is a cloud-based TMS solution for eCommerce businesses specializing in freight forwarding management. Shippers and business owners can handle all modes of transportation. Be it LTL shipping, air parcel, or intermodal transport. 

Kuebix offers freight management with EDI (Electronic Data Exchange) integration and readily available carrier rates. It also helps businesses scale their shipping operations by promoting freight intelligence. 

Kuebix lets you connect with several carriers and compare shipping rates. You can request spot quotes and book shipments. Businesses can track shipments with real-time visibility. Kuebix supports automatic invoice auditing and informs merchants about rate exceptions. 

Their API system facilitates multiple services for streamlining the freight forwarding and shipping process. They have a route optimizer that automatically consolidates orders and saves costs. Their Dock Scheduler application schedules the loading and unloading of inbound and outbound shipments based on SKUs. Kuebix also connects shippers with vendors by automating vendor compliance. 


3) Top 10 Kuebix Alternatives and Competitors [2023 Updated List]


3.1) ClickPost

ClickPost is a global multi-carrier shipping software specializing in last-mile shipping and delivery logistics for businesses and shippers. ClickPost serves medium and large-volume shippers and dropshippers in parcel shipping and returns management. 

ClickPost has internal integrations with over 200 leading global carriers and can integrate with more if requested. It aims to help businesses scale their operations and profits by improving shipping and returns. 

Additionally, it automates the shipping process, reducing customer calls for packages and increasing delivery rates. This makes it an excellent Kuebix competitor for parcel shipping.



  • ClickPost goes live with any carrier within 24 hours and offers businesses automated carrier allocation for faster order fulfillment. 

  • You can generate shipping labels, airway bills, and returns labels from the ClickPost dashboard or the courier website via ClickPost API. 

  • ClickPost has an integrated tracking portal in its dashboard and multiple customer communication channels for delivery updates.

  • It manages delivery exceptions arising in transit or during delivery attempts in-real time and alerts businesses about SLA breaches. 

Pros: Prolific Shopify returns management and real-time order tracking.

Cons: The software is best suited for the needs of large-volume shippers. 


3.2) Freightview

Freightview is a freight management SaaS solution that optimizes the LTL freight shipping process. It mainly works on two terms: tracking and direct rates comparison. It schedules shipment pickup and creates bills of lading, shipping labels, and tracking information. In this regard, Freightview is a direct Kuebix competitor for freight shippers.


  • Freightview enables businesses to access spot quotes and real-time bids for heavy LTL shipments with multiple carriers.

  • It has an integrated address book that automatically remembers the clients and details of transactions for future business.

  • Their tracking software tracks freight and shipment from pickup to delivery in real-time and analyzes shipping patterns in their reports. 

Pros: Maintains uniform Bill of Lading for all carriers and robust data analysis.

Cons: Requires more flexibility in showing all shipping rates and FTL quotes.


3.3) Oracle 

Oracle is a complete TMS and cloud technology software that manages fleet, logistics network modeling, and business operational planning. Its TMS primarily automates shipment monitoring and freight billing. 

It records disruptions in the supply chain, assigns alternative routes to carriers, and fast updates on the status of shipments in transit. Oracle is thus a comprehensive Kuebix alternative for heavy freight shipping. 


  • Oracle promotes operational planning by streamlining bids, collaborating with logistics providers for interfacility orders, and multimodal cross-dock operations.

  • It monitors fleet conditions, integrates all fleet management capabilities into one system, and monitors financial operations to handle disputes. 

  • It has an adaptive logistics modeling that predicts solutions for ‘what-if’ cases to bring a strategic course of action and 24/7 shipment tracking.

Pros: Round-the-clock customer support.

Cons: Non-technical users may find the interface hard to navigate.


3.4) Shipwell

Shipwell is a SaaS shipping solution that leverages a TMS system's functionality with more shipment visibility and workflow automation. Its TMS manages source capacity, tracks carrier performance, and handles financial settlements. Additionally, Shipwell provides 4PL services for complete logistics management as a Kuebix alternative. 


  • It has routing guides, over-the-map shipment tracking, and the responsive estimated time of arrival calculations. 

  • Advanced visibility of drayage, LTL, VLTL, FTL, ocean containers, and parcels with web and mobile app-based tracking.

  • It enables businesses to send automated email, in-call notifications, and hyperlinked tracking information from its dashboard.

Pros: Custom integrations with third-party platforms and automated security checks.

Cons: Occasional inaccuracies with location updates and addresses. 


3.5) Envase

Envase is a TMS software solution that specializes in drayage and intermodal transportation. The primary services of Envase TMS include order entry, dispatch optimization, container tracking, and EDI. It covers all forms of intermodal needs, paperless document imaging, and monitors vehicle performance.


  • Envase enables order entry digitization, billing, and chat options with drivers for real-time tracking.

  • Its TMS integrates with 3PLs and allows document imaging, auto rating for LTL, inventory control, and simple file transfer.

  • Its SecurSpace feature allows you to pay and reserve parking and truck storage with visibility. 

Pros: Adaptable to business needs and customize their platform accordingly.

Cons: Requires a better rate procuring and updated accounting system.


3.6) SmartFreight

SmartFreight is a logistics and shipping solution provider with multicarrier integrations. They assist any business regardless of their shipment volume. SmartFreight is another Kuebix competitor with route optimization and  tracking features. It offers third-party drop shipping and customization to suit global shipping. 


  • Get accurate quotes from shipping providers in real-time by incorporating their plugin into your checkout page.

  • SmartFreight suggests the best route based on your chosen parameters like price, time, service expectations, or smallest carbon footprint.

  • It optimizes dropshipping needs by helping you save on shipping costs and connecting you with last-mile delivery experts.

Pros: It is cost-effective for routing orders

Cons: Has occasional system errors and glitches. 


3.7) FreightClub

FreightClub is a freight management solution making it a direct Kuebix competitor. It covers freight shipping needs, including quotes, booking freight providers, tracking, insurance protection, and delivery services. FreightClub is also climate conscious- they offset carbon emissions on each shipment without levying any extra fees.


  • Offers exclusive enterprise rates to businesses for LTL and parcel shipping of big and bulky freight shipments (less than 500 pounds)

  • Get freight intel with easy tracking and monitoring of carrier performances with multiple filter views and detailed reports for addressing the damage.

  • Offers InsureShield insurance that covers complete reimbursements, damage coverage, and transportation fees. 

Pros: Easy integrations with Shopify and BigCommerce.

Cons: Does not have a quick response customer support system. 


3.8) Blue Yonder

Blue Yonder is an omnichannel fulfillment solution that handles businesses' digital supply chain needs. Blue Yonder is slightly different from the rest of the Kuebix alternatives. It primarily harnesses data and AI to assist businesses in fulfilling customer orders, managing end-to-end inventory, and optimizing customer support. 


  • Predict inventory status and production capacity and have critical alerts with real-time stock viability. 

  • Get advanced analytical insight on customers’ buying journey, identify early risks, and automatic course modification with AI/ML-powered features.

  • Get real-time inventory visibility, enterprise-level cost optimization, and fulfillment accuracy with order lifecycle management. 

Pros: Provides company-specific logistical solutions.

Cons: Some users may find the interface cluttered and hard to navigate.


3.9) Logitude World

Logitude World is a freight forwarding software that ensures affordable freight shipping. It is a close Kuebix competitor with features like getting freight quotes, shipping documents, accounting, and CRM. Their cloud computing technology generates and submits e-Airway Bills. 


  • Shipment tracking, viewing order details, managing freight booking, shipment status updates, and multi-modal and multi-led delivery.

  • Forwards Ad Hoc quotes for air and ocean freight, email templates requesting quotes, and quote calculations.

  • Track container status and shipping line, send shipping instructions to carriers, secure login access to portals, and permission management.

Pros: It is a cloud-based solution that supports all devices.

Cons: It might be difficult for users not well-versed with automation tools. 


3.10) ShipHawk

ShipHawk is a warehouse and order fulfillment solution with shipping capacities. It focuses primarily on automating the logistical processes. It has a TMS tool that handles high-volume LTL and parcel shipping. Additionally, its built-in ERP portal connects merchants with shipping carriers to view rates and offers innovative packing features. 


  • Manage warehouse with customized business rules, automate order fulfillment with order routing, and access multiple 3PLs.

  • Smart bin-packing algorithm, carton and pallet optimization for LTL shipping, and automatic configuration of packages to DIM weight.

  • Multi-carrier rating system negotiated shipping rates, and dynamic rules engine to customize carrier selection according to business requirements.

Pros: Offers free trials and a supportive onboarding team.

Cons: It does not support LCL ocean freight rates.



4) How to Select the Best Alternatives and Competitors for Kuebix

We have listed the most common factors you should consider while researching the best Kuebix competitor. Here are they:


4.1) Cloud-Based solution

Cloud-based solutions are easy to customize and maintain. They offer multiple shipping functionalities to retailers, reduce cost, and increase efficiency in maintaining shipping standards. For optimal performance, choose a Kuebix competitor that offers cloud usage. You can use it from anywhere without the fear of losing data.  


4.2) Tracking

Tracking is a core issue for all eCommerce businesses. With a shipment tracking solution, merchants monitor parcel safety and arrival time. Kuebix has multiple competitors like ClickPost, Oracle, and ShipHawk with advanced tracking capabilities. 

These Kuebix alternatives have multiple avenues for sending customer notifications and managing in-transit shipping exceptions. 


4.3) Analytics and Reports

A good TMS software gives business owners an in-depth insight into its shipping metrics. These include vital data on carrier and freight forwarders’ performance, inventory control, sales accounting, etc. 

Data helps businesses to maintain a healthy bottom line and allows them to locate the pain points in their logistical strategy. Again Kuebix competitors like Oracle, Envase, and ClickPost provide detailed analytical reports of key performance indicators.


4.4) Integration and APIs

Kuebix comes with multiple integrations and API solutions for managing the shipping journey. Therefore, a Kuebix competitor is expected to have the same or even better integration capacities. 

For example, ClickPost and SmartFreight have come with multi-carrier and WMS integrations. They provide a holistic platform to businesses for all their shipping integrations.


4.5) Customer Reviews 

An excellent way to understand the operational capacity of Kuebix alternatives is to read customer reviews. However, you should only choose from reputed sources where business owners share their invaluable opinions and criticisms.


5) Final Words

Kuebix, as a TMS software, helps freight companies and high-volume shippers optimize their shipping journeys. However, Kuebix may not be the ideal shipping solution with differing business models and needs. It becomes imperative to look for solutions that handle core and more specialized shipping areas. 

What may be excellent for freight forwarders may not suffice for a small business with parcel shipping or drop shippers. We have therefore listed potential Kuebix alternatives keeping in mind the different business models and their needs.

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