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We’ve gathered all the information you could possibly need about the top alternatives and competitors to Veeqo. 


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1) Introduction

Shipping software provides assistance and various tools to e-commerce companies to prepare and control their orders. This software is a must for these companies to ensure accurate and timely delivery of orders to the customers. The market is flooded with many shipping software solutions that offer multiple shipping services. One such software is Veeqo. 

In this blog, we'll discuss some best features of Veeqo and its competitors and alternatives. We hope it will help e-commerce businesses select the best-in-class shipping software that suits their shipping needs. 


2) What is Veeqo?

Veeqo is a free shipping management software that helps e-commerce stores to manage their shipping operations. It picks, packs and ships orders with robust inventory tools, smart automation and low shipping rates. Some of Veeqo's key features are:

  • Online merchants can access the discounted FedEx, USPS, DHL and UPS rates. 

  • It saves time and money by shipping up to 100 orders at once with the best shipping rates.

  • It integrates with 21+ marketplaces and sales channels to provide a better inventory management system.

  • With Veeqo's automated shipping rules feature, online retailers can set up delivery options, value, weight and other specifications in advance.

  • It offers forecasting and reporting tools to track and organise sales data. Based on this data, online sellers can make picking, sales and inventory reports. 


3) Top 10 Veeqo competitors and alternatives

Now that you have gone through the features of Veeqo, let's have a glance at some other shipping software. Here's the list of top-notch Veeqo competitors and alternatives.


3.1) ClickPost

ClickPost is a solid Veeqo competitor. It is a logistics intelligence platform that helps e-commerce businesses to optimise their supply chain performance. It provides a wide range of shipping services. The platform is integrated with 200+ courier partners to offer an amazing shipping experience to customers. ClickPost also has WMS, storefront and other integrations. 

Online sellers can carry out various processes such as pickup allocation, label generation and order creation with ClickPost's single API. Its branded tracking page allows users to track their orders and get real-time updates via SMS, email or WhatsApp. ClickPost's NDR management portal helps e-commerce companies to reduce the issues of failed deliveries. Online shoppers can use its returns management portal to place return requests. 


3.2) WeSupplyLabs

WeSupplyLabs is a shipping software that assists online merchants in delivering the best shipping services to their customers. It offers various delivery options like in-store pickups or curbside pickups. WeSupplyLabs integrates with 100+ carriers to assure a smooth post-purchase experience for end users.  

The software has an order tracking management system that tracks shipments throughout the delivery process. It sends proactive notifications of the shipment status to reduce WISMO. WeSupplyLabs offers the option of a self-service return to customers to place return requests. It also shows estimated delivery dates for the orders and provides post-purchase analytics for data-driven decisions. 


3.3) MetaPack

MetaPack is a cloud-based delivery management software that helps e-commerce retailers to manage processes related to tracking, shipping, returns and more. Its single API allows you to integrate with 350+ global carriers to reduce shipping costs and time. It offers 4,000+ delivery services, such as international delivery, next-day delivery, locker boxes, etc. 

MetaPack's tracking software allows online sellers to make their branded tracking page. With its tracking API, you can track any shipment by entering the tracking number on the page. The self-service returns portal of MetaPack enables customers to place return requests and reduce manual administration and customer service contact. 


3.4) Pickrr

Pickrr is India's largest B2B and B2C logistics courier aggregator that helps e-commerce businesses streamline their shipping process. This SaaS-based shipping software provides delivery services in India and 200+ countries worldwide. It integrates with 20+ marketplaces, sales channels and courier partners to make the shipping experience hassle-free and affordable. 

Pickrr's automatic NDR panel help online sellers to reduce the number of failed deliveries. The software also sends real-time order tracking and delivery exception notifications to customers via SMS and email. Pickrr uses ML and AI for weight reconciliation to measure the weight of shipments and calculate shipment charges.


3.5) Shyplite

Shyplite is a SaaS-based shipping company that enables e-commerce businesses to increase shipping efficiency and automate logistics. Online retailers can ship packages to 26,000+ pin codes in India and 200+ countries worldwide through roadways or airways. The platform keeps customers and users updated on the delivery status via text and email notifications. Shyplite offers an early COD facility, the lowest shipping rates with zero monthly subscriptions and other robust shipping features on its single dashboard. It is well-equipped for all urgent deliveries. These features make Shyplite a top Veeqo alternative. 


3.6) SmartShyp

SmartShyp is a web-based shipping platform that provides e-commerce retailers with order and shipping solutions. The platform helps to simplify, speed up and automate the shipping process. With SmartShyp's integrations, online merchants can synchronise their businesses with popular sales channels, WMS, shipping carriers and shopping carts. It offers the best rates on UPS, USPS and DHL postage. The platform enables users to create international and national shipping labels and packing slips. SmartShyp provides full support over phone, email and chats to help online sellers grow their businesses. 


3.7) SmartTurn

SmartTurn is an on-demand warehouse and inventory management solutions provider that helps increase the control and visibility of inventory. Its inventory management software provides real-time information on the location, quantity, history and status of each inventory item within the warehouse. The software eliminates manual administration and minimises inventory overstocks. 

SmartTurn has multiple integrations, such as EDI, accounting, CRM, etc., that provide e-commerce companies with real-time and accurate warehouse and inventory information. Its order fulfilment system generates customer shipping documentation, pick lists and bin locations directly from sales orders. SmartTurn improves shipping process management and increases customer satisfaction. 


3.8) ReadyShipper

ReadyShipper is a cloud-based shipping management software that helps e-commerce businesses to streamline the shipment process. The software has money-saving features and convenient automation. ReadyShipper connects users to the best shipping rates in the industry. It provides discounted USPS rates to online sellers. ReadyShipper allows users to generate labels and postage for UPS, USPS and FedX. It offers various shipping methods such as expedited, standard or free shipping to ship orders automatically and instantly. Therefore, ReadyShipper can be an excellent Veeqo competitor. 


3.9) Envia

Envia is a shipping platform that automates the shipping process and offers advanced shipping features to e-commerce businesses at discounted rates. The platform provides both international and domestic delivery services. It integrates with 17+ marketplaces and storefronts to facilitate the logistics of e-commerce stores. With Envia, online retailers can create hundreds of labels for global and domestic shipments. 

Envia's warehouse management system streamlines the warehouse inventory operations. The platform also provides a transportation management system that helps online merchants manage their transportation fleets. Envia has a branded tracking page that allows users to track their shipments. It sends tracking notifications to both sellers and customers via email or SMS. 


3.10) TransVirtual 

TransVirtual is a cloud-based transportation management software that enables e-commerce businesses to get 100% visibility across their entire network. It provides electronic proof of delivery by tracking shipments digitally. It gives real-time tracking updates to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction. TransVirtual integrates with multiple national carriers and enables ETA and cost transparency. 

The software provides a delivery management system that assists online sellers in managing multiple freights. TransVirtual's fully integrated warehouse management system allows e-commerce stores to control and manage supply chain fulfilment operations. Because of these features, Envia can be considered a perfect Veeqo alternative. 


4) How to choose the best Veeqo competitor and alternative?

After knowing the best Veeqo competitors and alternatives, e-commerce retailers may wonder how to compare these shipping solutions. In this section, we'll discuss some factors that will help you to differentiate between these shipping platforms. These factors are as follows:


4.1) Price

Price is the first factor to be considered while selecting shipping software. The software should offer the best shipping services at affordable rates. It should give a better ROI while simplifying the shipment process. E-commerce retailers are suggested to opt for a free trial before purchasing the shipping software.


4.2) Order tracking system

Online sellers should build strong and long-lasting relations with their customers to grow their businesses. Hence, they should provide all the real-time tracking notifications to improve customers' post-purchase experience. Therefore, a Veeqo competitor must have an order tracking system.


4.3) Security Protocols

Every customer wants high safety and security for their shipments. Therefore, online sellers must provide quality maintenance and security protocols on products throughout the delivery process. E-commerce stores should choose shipping software that offers regular security measures to ensure the safety of products. This will help you attract more customers and hold on to your reputation. 


4.4) Features offered

Another crucial factor is the range of features offered by the shipping software. Before purchasing software, check whether it offers all the services and features you are using right now. E-commerce retailers should see if the shipping software provides other advanced features that meet their requirements. Shipping platforms with features like reports and analytics, accounting, API integrations, etc., are worth considering. 


4.5) Customer reviews

Shipping software must provide a better pre and post-purchase experience. Therefore, e-commerce businesses should choose software that does the same. They can go through customer reviews to check the specifications of the software. Reading these reviews will help online retailers to select the most trusted shipping software. 


5) Final Words

No doubt that every e-commerce business requires competent shipping software to scale its business and improve customer satisfaction. The shipping software provides many features, such as managing inventory, offering discounted shipping rates, tracking shipments, etc. E-commerce companies should wisely select shipping software that meets their shipping needs. We hope this blog will clear your doubts while choosing an excellent Veeqo competitor.


FAQs on Veeqo and its Competitors & Alternatives


6.1) What are the best Veeqo alternatives?

There are multiple shipping solutions, such as ClickPost, Shyplite, Pickrr, Envia, SmartTurn, WeSupplyLabs, MetaPack, etc. Some of these are discussed in the article above. Online sellers can choose an ideal shipping software among these to provide efficient shipping services to customers. 

6.2) Why do people shift to Veeqo competitors?

Veeqo provides numerous shipping features that e-commerce companies require. But there can be some reasons why these companies shift to Veeqo competitors. These reasons may be that it is not offering all the basic shipping features, has no growth in the business, negative customer reviews or want satisfactory tech updates.


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