Looking for Pickrr Competitors and Alternatives?

If you think that Pickrr is the only ecommerce shipping solution out there, we’re here to show you the truth. These 5 alternatives to Pickrr offer a wide range of features and come with their own ups and downs, all of which we’ve listed here for you.


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an unbiased Comparison of Pickrr with its Alternatives





Vamship Pickrr Shyplite Shipkaro

No. of Courier Partners



10+ 20+ 30+ 10+

COD Services



Yes Yes Yes Yes

Order Tracking Page



Basic Basic Intermediate N/A

Returns Management



Intermediate  N/A Basic N/A

Carrier Selection Engine

Fixed Rules

Rules +AI

N/A Rules +AI Rules +AI Fixed Rules

NDR Management



Advanced Basic Basic N/A

Provides shipping rates



Yes Yes No Yes

Hyperlocal Delivery 



No No Yes No

Dashboard For Analytics 



Yes Yes Yes Yes

Order Delay Detection



No Yes No No



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why companies shift from Pickrr to clickpost

Best Customer Experience

Monitor and communicate with carriers better to improve customer experience through ClickPost.

Instantaneous Tracking

ClickPost’s use of pull and push APIs means order tracking updates will reach you immediately.

Manage Delivery Exceptions

Use ClickPost to collect data on different delivery exceptions and address them quickly and easily.

Reduce RTOs Through NDRs

Increase % of successfully completed NDRs with ClickPost’s AI-enabled NDR management system.

Advanced AI Carrier Selection

Select carriers for each order based on your specific requirements like reduced delivery exceptions.

Wider Range of Carriers

20+ carriers offered by Pickrr seems great but 120+ carriers offered by ClickPost is better.

Top 5 Best Pickrr Competitors and Alternatives in 2021


1. ClickPost

As one of the largest shipping and order management platforms in India, ClickPost provides specialised shipping solutions for a wide variety of eCommerce companies. Its varied range of features culminate in optimal shipping operations and improved customer experience.


  • Integrate with 120+ eCommerce logistics partners and leading online storefronts like Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento.

  • Carry out order manifestation with minimal effort using a single API. This API ensures the order is created on the carrier’s platform, the AWB is generated, the shipping label is then printed and the order is assigned to be picked and packed, all in a single step.

  • Receive order tracking updates in double time with the help of push and pull API integrations. Together, these APIs immediately notify you when a new tracking status is updated. An automated communication with the update is given to customers via WhatsApp, email and SMS, in addition to being displayed on a custom branded tracking page.

  • Reduce RTOs through an NDR management workflow that identifies the cause of an NDR and automates sending specified queries to customers.

  • Track all orders with various carriers through a single dashboard which also displays the order status, and push improvement initiatives with the help of frequent customized analytics reports.

Pros: For eCommerce companies with large order volumes, ClickPost offers a platform that is user-friendly and easily implemented.

Cons: Large enterprises looking to streamline their shipping operations are most suited for using ClickPost.


2. Vamaship

Vamaship is a globally operational shipping aggregator that serves eCommerce enterprises both domestically and internationally in 200+ nations. It provides a variety of tools to enable more cost-effective shipping solutions and eCommerce NDR management.


  • Integrate with 10+ logistics partners, storefronts like Shopify and Magento and online marketplaces like eBay.

  • View all orders across all integrated carriers and be notified of tracking updates for various durations.

  • View shipping rates offered by various shipping partners and compare them to find the lowest prior to selecting a shipping partner.

  • Make use of a document management system that integrates with and catalogues past shipping-related documents for easy reference.

Pros: You can integrate quickly with multiple major shipping partners and receive regular tracking updates via Vamaship.

Cons: Most SMBs and companies with low order volumes alone can utilise Vamaship.


3. ShipRocket

ShipRocket is one of the most well-known logistics aggregators in India. ShipRocket also provides shipping services to 220+ other countries in addition to being a multi-carrier integration platform for eCommerce businesses. It also offers access to other delivery management services.


  • Integrate with 17+ shipping partners, multiple selling channels like Shopify and virtual marketplaces like Amazon or eBay.
  • View all information and tracking updates about previous and existing orders held by all courier partners from a single uniform location.
  • Avail flat monthly shipping rates in accordance with pre-negotiated terms and specified services to ship both domestically and internationally.
  • Gain insurance coverage for certain shipments and manage all orders via a dashboard.

Pros: Most of the major shipping companies in India are partnered with ShipRocket and therefore easy to integrate with.

Cons: Maintaining direct relationships with carriers is difficult with ShipRocket, reducing the ability to make major enhancements to shipping operations.


4. ShypLite

Shyplite is an e-commerce shipping gateway that aids in multi-carrier integration and order management. It has a wide reach that spans across India and 220+ other nations. It provides a multitude of shipping services at reasonable prices.


  • Integrate with 30+ shipping partners and easily select the right shipping partner using an AI-driven allocation mechanism at the time when each order is processed.
  • Access discounted shipping rates that have been pre-negotiated with courier partners or option for a per-shipment payment method.
  • Get order tracking updates notified to you through both SMS and email. Update customers through a tracking page displaying your brand.
  • Avail of additional shipping and delivery management services like NDR addressal, pick up from multiple locations and COD reconciliation.

Pros: With Shyplite, you can receive order tracking and status updates regularly and avail good customer services.

Cons: COD remittance is slower for orders that have been placed using the per-shipment payment mode.


5. ShipKaro

As one of India’s top shipping aggregators, ShipKaro provides an easy route for eCommerce enterprises to integrate with multiple carriers and manage orders with all of them. This integration platform tries to enable simple customizations and automation in shipping functions.


  • Integrate with 14+ domestic and internationally-operation shipping partners, as well as virtual sales channels and marketplaces.
  • Use discounted or lower rates provided by the platform after comparing shipping charges of various courier partners at the time when an order is being created.
  • Sync up and track your orders to process them with ease among various sales channels and order management systems and enable flexible pickup schedules.
  • Receive tracking updates on a regular basis that inform you of the location and delivery route of each shipment.

Pros: Specialised services like bulk-order shipping are offered at reasonable rates with ShipKaro.

Cons: Only SMBs with relatively low order volumes, below 10000 per month, can make the most use of this system.



FAQs on Pickrr AND ITS Competitors & Alternatives


1. What is Pickrr?

Answer: Pickrr is a shipping aggregator that is used by a multitude of eCommerce companies to tie up with 20+ reputable shipping companies. Pickrr is a platform that offers quick integration with multiple courier partners and also enables you to track all your orders from a unified view.


2. Which is the best Pickrr alternative?

Answer: When you’re looking for an alternative to Pickrr, there are 5 big names that pop up: ClickPost, Vamaship, ShipRocket, Shyplite and ShipKaro. Each one offers a wide variety of different services that will influence your final decision.


3. What are the criteria for selecting the best Pickrr alternative?

Answer: There are 4 major criteria that must be considered when selecting an alternative integration platform to Pickrr.

You will first have to check the serviceability of the system. This means determining which courier partners you need to tie up with, how many are you provided access to, and whether or not they can deliver your volume of orders to the right pin code.

After that, it’s good to compare the different types of shipping services they make available. Keep in mind the shipping services you need at the time. This helps you determine your business priorities which can further narrow down your choice of Pickrr Alternative.

The next thing you need to check is how advanced the technology utilized by them is and whether or not it provides you maximum visibility. Using a better-equipped integration system increases your chances of receiving real-time order tracking updates.

Once you’ve put the above 3 pieces together, the puzzle is finally complete when you determine the ideal cost for a certain set of services and use of the technology. This will help you figure out which Pickrr alternatives are most suited for your budget and how much you stand to gain from each one.


4. How many carriers are integrated with Pickrr?

Answer: With Pickrr, you can gain access to over 20 different carriers in India.


5. Why do people shift from Pickrr to other alternatives?

Answer: As an eCommerce shipping aggregator, Pickrr provides you with access to a limited range of courier partners and basic technology. When your business goals shift towards scaling up and expansions, alternative integration systems are required that offer more holistic solutions.


6. When should I start looking for Pickrr alternatives?

Answer: The phase of growth that best describes when the need for a Pickrr alternative arises is when your order volumes go over 3000 per month. At this point of time, you will want to expand your operations as a whole and improve the finer details of your shipping mechanism. This is when a more expansive solution is required.


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