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About LogiNext

LogiNext is a Fleet Management platform that enables ecommerce platforms and companies to enhance their shipping and delivery operations. The software's real-time visibility can enable a better customer and delivery experience on your ecommerce platform. The software focuses on optimizing delivery routes and resource utilization to ensure maximum output from the logistics resources of the company. It provides valuable insights for delivery optimization as well. 

LogiNext was founded in 2014 by Dhruvil Sanghvi and Manisha Raisinghani to bring technological innovations to make the logistics supply chain more efficient. With its headquarters in the United States, the company has nine offices spread across the globe. The company recently raised a Series B funding round and has over 250 employees working to create seamless fleet management software. 

LogiNext enables customers to access various services offered by the company through a suite of software that caters to a particular area of Fleet Management. Along with a better delivery experience, the service also easily integrates with other software involved in the delivery and order fulfillment supply chain. The LogiNext products can be easily integrated with ERP, CRM, WMS, and TMS software to improve your control over the entire delivery supply chain.

LogiNext’s MILE software is an excellent solution for ecommerce businesses looking to optimize their last-mile delivery operations. The software provides real-time visibility over the shipments and allows for delivery and dispatch management through route and resource optimization. On the other hand, LogiNext’s HAUL is a fleet management solution that allows you to surpass all the shipment tracking limitations through a GPS-enabled delivery fleet. 

The workforce is a crucial part of the delivery supply chain. LogiNext Field is a solution for companies that allow them to have a centralized management system for their on-ground workforce. The software can automate the task assigned according to the priority and manage the workforce's schedule. 

LogiNext ON-DEMAND offers on-demand logistics and management services with fleet optimization and on-demand delivery automation services for businesses with low order volume. The software can have the best-in-industry geo-coding software that is accurate in more than 140 countries. 

LogiNext enables a better return to experience through its REVERSE service. The software allows for automated route planning and optimizes resource allocation to handle RTM and RTO orders. All software services provided by LogiNext come with real-time tracking capabilities. ClickPost has fleet management API Integration with LogiNext to enable real-time visibility over the delivery fleet. It also enables customers to optimize their last mile deliveries and manage the workforce in the field. 


Integrations with Shipping Partners

ClickPost is pre-integrated with 150+ courier partners, enabling eCommerce companies to go live with a new carrier in just 1 day

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