Best Shopify Returns Management Apps

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1. Overview of Shopify Returns Apps

Every Shopify merchant knows that returns are inevitable. Whether it’s because a customer wasn’t happy with their purchase or they simply changed their mind, returns are a part of doing business. But dealing with returns can be time-consuming and frustrating, especially if you don’t have a streamlined process in place.

That’s where Shopify returns apps come in. These  apps can automate and streamline your return process, making it easier for both you and your customers. 

However, finding the right returns management app for your store can be challenging. To help you make an informed choice, we present you a detailed review of the top 10 Shopify returns management apps. 

But first, let's discuss a little more about what returns management apps are.



2. What is a Shopify Returns Management App and How does it work?

A Shopify returns management app is a versatile mobile app that allows ecommerce businesses to offer a hassle-free returns solution to their customers. Returning an item is often a dreaded experience. You have to know if the retailer will accept your return, figure out how to package it, and then go through the hassle of shipping it off. 

There are many Shopify returns apps that make returns easier by helping businesses manage them from start to finish. Some apps allow you to print barcodes so shoppers can scan them at home before sending anything back; others automate invoicing and credit card processing so you never have to deal with any paperwork again.

As an eCommerce business, you know that customer satisfaction is key to your success. Offering hassle-free returns and exchanges is one way to keep your customers happy. And yes, Shopify returns app can help you with that. With the help of our logistics veterans and industry experts, we have curated the most comprehensive list of the best Returns Management apps for Shopify.

3. Top 10 Best Shopify Returns App

3. Top 10 Best Returns Apps for Shopify Store 

1. ClickPost Returns Plus 


Clickpost Returns Plus is the perfect solution for managing returns and exchanges. With just a few clicks, Shopify merchants can easily process returns, exchanges, and provide customers with the best post-purchase experience.
ClickPost Returns Plus provides automated tracking and notifications, so you can always stay on top of the return or exchange process.


Key Features:
  • Provides a branded returns portal that also allows customers to track their packages in real-time, and increases brand loyalty.

  • Allows online businesses to set their own return rules like return windows, restricted returns, free returns and more to reduce losses. 

  • Manage all RMAs and exchanges from a single Return dashboard. Store owners can filter requests based on carriers, location, dates and more.

  • Automatically notifies customers via email, WhatsApp, and SMS with return order milestones. Also tracks the status of refunds. 


  • ClickPost Returns Plus collects  customer feedback and provides detailed performance reports on return %, customer grievances, carrier performance, etc.

  • Provides excellent customer support and a smooth onboarding process.


  • ClickPost Returns Plus is most suitable for small to medium-sized businesses.

Pricing: They offer 3 plans - Free (upto 20 returns), Basic ($50/month for 120+ returns), Pro ($200/month for 500+ returns).

2. AfterShip Returns Center 


The AfterShip returns management  app reforms the post-purchase experience of Shopify customers by making it easy and absolutely hassle-free. This Shopify returns app makes returns and exchanges a profitable aspect of eCommerce. With AfterShip’s mobile app for Shopify returns, businesses can retarget customers by providing top-notch returns management services.

Key Features:
  • Create brand awareness and customer engagement with a branded returns portal that also allows customers to track returns in real-time.

  • Empower customers with refunds of their choice - return to the original payment channel, save to store credit, etc.

  • Set custom return rules to products to minimize the loss on returns,

  • Customers can choose their preferred carrier (out of 13 integrations) for returns and exchanges.


  • AfterShip provides weekly insights into how well the returns and exchange app works.

  • Processes refunds faster than most returns and exchange apps.


  • Many Shopify app users find the customer service less than ideal. You can check out some of the best AfterShip Returns Center alternatives for your business instead!

  • The app’s manual features can be confusing for new business owners.

Pricing: They offer 4 plans - Free, Essential ($9/month), Growth ($29/month) and Pro ($99/month).

3. Return Prime: Order Return


Return Prime is an excellent app to  handle returns on Shopify. With Return Prime, eCommerce businesses can connect their online stores and manage all returns/exchanges requests from a single place. It also comes with a live chat option that can assist users and customers in navigating the app and finding what they need. Return Prime, therefore, is a great option for a store that has not opted for a Shopify live chat app to take care of customer queries on site. 

Key Features:

  • Automate returns management with return rules and restrictions. For eg., customers will not be able to place return requests for non-returnable items.

  • Perform QC. Obtain photos of the product return to ensure products are in mint condition.
  • Process refunds through bank transfer, credit, or gift cards.

  • Offer a 14-day ‘no questions asked’ return window for all paid users.


  • Amazing customer support.

  • Offers flexibility and customisation for returns and store management.


  • Lack of transparency in pricing.

Pricing: Return Prime offers 3 pricing plans, Free, Grow and Scale. You can start any of these plans for free. You will only be charged once you get more than 5 return tickets.

4. Clicksit Return Center


Clicksit is one of the best Shopify returns apps for online stores. It is hosted by the popular shipping software Sorted. It is absolutely free to install and only charges businesses for the use of premium features. In that sense, Clicksit Returns Center is a brilliant choice for upcoming online entrepreneurs. 

Key Features:

  • Customers in the US and UK can place automatic return requests.

  • Clicksit offers USPS and CollectPlus return labels on product returns and exchanges.

  • This Shopify returns app offers several customisable features on returns like free returns, shared return cost between customers and business and fully chargeable returns.

  • Provide the ease of returns to customers in any corner of the world with multi-language support.


  • No cap on the number of returns processed every month. Fully free feature.

  • Provides a customisable return policy template.


  • Lack of proper communication with customer support teams.

  • Frequent issues of bugs within the app. Some Sorted alternatives can help you streamline your entire order fulfillment process better. 

Pricing: Free to use. Premium features cost extra.

5. Returnly


Returnly is a Shopify app for managing returns and exchanges seamlessly within your business. It provides a self-serve returns portal for customers to easily place return/exchange requests. It helps businesses track the return order, process refunds, notify customers of the status of their product returns, and more. Customers can also print return shipping labels from this Shopify app.

Key Features:

  • Returnly comes with integrations with several logistics partners, carriers, ERPs, etc. It also connects easily with several Shopify apps.

  • Returnly provides regular actionable insights on the performance of the returns and exchange app workflow. 

  • Refunds can also be stored in the form of Returnly credit.

  • Ecommerce businesses can direct returns to any of their warehouses with Returnly’s multi-location warehouse feature.


  • Returnly updates eCommerce businesses on every inventory change like low stocks, etc. 

  • Provides real-time notifications on every stage -order pickups, in-transit, and delivered.           


  • The basic plan does not offer many useful features.

  • The support team is not very responsive.

Pricing: Trial Period - 14 days

They have 3 plans - Basic Shopify ($29/month), Shopify ($59/month), and Advanced Shopify ($149/month)

6. Return & Exchange Portal


ReturnGO’s Shopify returns app, Return & Exchange Portal, aims to improve customer experience and provide a positive return experience. There's a lot you can do with this app from designing a fully branded return experience for customers with custom colors, brand logo, etc.

Key Features:

  • Customers can cancel orders if they don’t receive them within a stipulated period.

  • Allow items to be returned, or donated, depending on customer choice.

  • Generate prepaid return labels that make the return shipping process entirely hassle-free.

  • Receive around-the-clock customer support for store setup and return issues.

  • Helpful staff, useful features, and 5-star customer service.

  • Extremely cost-effective.


  • Mostly suitable for small and medium eCommerce businesses.
Pricing: $9.97/month (upto 60 return requests, beyond that $0.50 per return)

7. Rich Returns


Rich Returns is a Shopify app for registering RMA returns, product returns, or exchanges for e-commerce businesses and their customers. It provides multi-language support so that businesses can reach customers across language barriers. To save time businesses can directly export their CSV files.

Key Features:

  • Integrated with over 50 carriers including USPS, UPS, FedEx, RoyalMail, etc. Also connects with shipping software and other Shopify apps.

  • Auto-approve returns or manually approve/reject returns easily from the dashboard.

  • Provide a customized white-labeled return tracking experience to customers with multiple cross-selling points.

  • Businesses using other returns management and exchange apps like Aftership, LoopReturns, and others can migrate to Rich Returns without skipping a beat or losing their data.


  • Affordable and easy to use.

  • A multi-location warehouse facility allows for flexibility and easy returns.


  • Does not allow businesses to connect directly with carriers.

Pricing: Rich Returns offers 4 pricing plans - Standard ($9/month), Pro ($29/month), Premium ($99/month) and Plus ($199/month).

8. Sorted Returns Center


Sorted Returns Center offers automated returns management for Shopify. This returns app for Shopify has a dedicated dashboard to control and automate all the returns. You can set your own return rules and access tracking with important insights. Customers can utilize the branded self-serve portal to initiate and track their returned products.

Key Features:

  • Sorted Returns Center allows you to send brand customized emails and messages to your customers, updating them on the returns progress.

  • Customers can select the products they want to exchange or return and this returns app will create a new order.

  • You can provide automated label generation for returns and exchange while you can also upload your own labels.


  • Sorted Return Center is very easy to use with excellent customer support.

  • This returns app delivers highly customizable solutions and integrates well with other systems.


  • This returns app’s subscription costs are high.

Pricing: Free - pricing plans - Silver ($20/month), Gold ($50/month), Platinum ($500/month) 


9. Returns Management System By Spice gems


You can handle the returns management for your business with the Returns Management System app. This app allows customers to return multiple products at the same time. You can send prepaid shipping labels to your customer while they can also print their own shopping labels.

Key Features:

  • This returns app offers data analysis and graphical reports on the returned percentage and the most returned product.

  • You can set the time window for returns for any product. When a customer tries to return and the time window has passed, the system displays a message saying “Return window expired”.

  • With the Returns Management System app, you can set up custom return reasons like “damaged”, “ wrong size”, etc.


  • You can gain a lot of insights into the returns part of your business by using data analysis for regular reports.

  • Customer support is excellent with the Returns Management System app.


  • The data analytics system and a few other features might not be the best for a paid subscription.

Pricing:  Standard ($19.9/month)

10. Exchange It

Exchange It is a returns and exchange management app you can use on Shopify. Exchange It app is for stores that regularly exchange items of the same value while it does not allow refunds. Inventory management is simplified in this returns app by allowing you to choose which product should be restocked and select the desired location for updating inventory.
Key Features:
  • Exchange It returns app makes it easy to process the exchange of products that are not worth the same.

  • This returns app automatically uses the original shipping and email address when you want to initiate an exchange.


  • This returns app is easy to use with quick processing and straightforward navigation. 
  • The customer service is upto to the mark with the Exchange it returns app.


  • This returns management app does not have a currency converter.

  • It is sometimes difficult to select a product for return because the filter does not narrow down the research to a specific product.

Pricing:  Standard ($9.9/month)

11. Return Rabbi

This Shopify returns management app converts returns to exchanges by letting customers exchange their purchases for any product in your store. You can automate return labels and refunds, saving a lot of time for your team. Data analytics is part of the Return Rabbit app that offers actionable insights and reports on returned products and the percentage of returns. Moreover, the returns portal is branded by allowing you to personalize it completely.

Key Features:

  • You can offer QR codes and shipping labels for your customers to make the returns process swift and simple.

  • Policies for product returns can be customized and you can also automate any aspect of your business with the Return Rabbit app.

  • This returns management app has an intelligent recommendation engine that comes up with tailor-made exchange options for your customers to convert returns into exchanges and increase customer retention.


  • The dedicated dashboard for returns management in the Return Rabbit app is very simple and effective to use.

  • The customer service is top-notch with this returns management app.


  • This is a relatively new app in the market that is hardly 6 months old. So, let us wait and see if it performs consistently.

Pricing:  Standard ($200/month), Growth ($400/month), and Market Leader ($515/month) 

4. Selecting the Best Shopify Apps for Returns Management and Exchanges

1. Price Point

It’s important to keep your business afloat and profitable while also providing quality returns to customers. Therefore, it’s only natural to consider the price of the returns and exchange app you select. Another extremely helpful way of figuring out whether you should be splurging all that money on the Shopify app is by looking at the features it has and the services it offers. If it seems overpriced to you, then select a returns Shopify app that suits your needs and fits your budget. 

2. Branded Tracking

With a branded returns portal, you can customize your tracking page with tons of features like the brand logo, brand colors, social media feed, marketing panels, and more. A branded returns portal not only increases customer engagement and loyalty but also gives you additional opportunities for sales.

3. Refund Options

A returns app for Shopify must provide several refund options like bank transfer, COD refunds, store credits, gift cards, etc. This makes customers more comfortable with the returns process and makes them want to come back to your store.

4. Customer Support

If your customers want to reach out to you with questions or queries about returns/exchanges, a customer service representative can answer their questions. This saves your business from receiving too many WISMO calls. Also, your business itself can benefit from customer support in case of difficulties with the app. 

5. Performance Analytics

Improving your current service is the only sure-shot way of providing better returns and exchange experiences to customers. Look for a Shopify returns and exchange app that provides regular performance analytics that keeps you on your toes and urges you to overcome shortcomings.

6. Multi-language Support

If your online store has customers from all over the world it's important for you to look for a returns management and exchange app that speaks the language your customers understand. Try to select a Shopify app that provides multilingual support to reach out to customers and provide a holistic shopping and return experience to them.

5.Overall recommendation

While returns/exchanges apps like Aftership, Clicksit, and Returnly function very well in providing optimum returns management for Shopify sellers, it may prove too costly for small/medium businesses.
For businesses with lower order volumes or budget constraint, Returns and Exchange Portal and Rich Returns reap far greater benefits.
However, if you want a complete overhaul of your returns pipeline, then ClickPost Returns Plus is your best bet. This returns app will let you automate most of the returns processes, provide detailed performance reports, and enhance the post purchase experience of your customers. 
Understanding your business’ needs will always point you in the right direction and help you choose the best Shopify returns management and exchange app for your business!

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