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Best Shopify Marketing Apps

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1. What is a ‘Shopify Marketing App’ and How Does It Work?

If you're an eCommerce store looking for the finest marketing apps to improve your store's growth, whether it's growing sales or enhancing email marketing stats, Shopify is at the top of the list. Shopify offers a wide choice of high-quality apps and extensions to help you take your business to the next level.

The finest Shopify marketing apps assist you in creating compelling content that boosts your brand's online presence and reputation. Shopify marketing apps make everything as simple as ABC, from keeping consumers happy and engaged to optimizing your store for search engines. We've done a ton of research for you to uncover the best Shopify marketing apps that can help you improve sales.



2. Top Shopify Marketing Apps

3. Detailed review of the Best Marketing Apps For Shopify

Shopify's marketing apps are organized into categories (Content marketing, Email marketing, Direct marketing, Marketing analytics, SEO, and Advertising). You'll discover a plethora of applications under each one, but if you want to skip to the good stuff, here's our expertly curated list of the 12 best Shopify marketing apps to satisfy all your needs.


1. Privy: Pop-Ups, Email, & SMS


With 18,500+ 5-start reviews on the Shopify App Store, Privy simplifies the route for eCommerce businesses from $0 to $1 million by providing top-notch email marketing and SMS tools as well as coaching to help them develop their store faster. 

Key Features:

  • Fully automated email marketing, including Newsletters, Autoresponders, critical customer Purchase Follow Up, Customer Winback Emails.

  • Build professional emails with the app's drag and drop editor and customized templates.

  • Built-in Track ROI feature for Shopify merchants to pull their product listings directly into the emails they send and track the real ROI of the campaigns.

  • Ready-to-use professional designed email list with eye-catching Shopify Pop-Up


  • Allows businesses to create unique coupon codes and track redemptions in real-time in their Shopify store.

  • Cart Abandonment pop-ups to help Shopify retailers solve cart abandonment.


  • Complex multi-step automation workflows are challenging to design.

  • Compared to other carriers offering the same features, it is more expensive.

2. Seguno: Email Marketing


Headquartered in Durham, North Carolina, Seguno is a leading email marketing tool designed in 2017 specifically for Shopify. Built to save Shopify store owners time and effort in their email marketing efforts, Seguno makes email marketing smooth and automated.

Key Features:
  • Boost sales through email automation campaigns, high-performing newsletters, Instagram, Facebook, banners, pop-ups, and other connectors.

  • Customizable email templates- 150+ pre-designed templates to address the business’s specific needs, with new email templates being added on Shopify monthly.

  • Segmented automation- Create customer-tagged automation for VIPs, wholesale customers, post-purchase automation, etc., to help eCommerce enterprises drive more revenue.

  • Reporting - Shopify stores can instantly see conversion details on orders for each mailing and automation in an integrated Shopify marketing report.

  • Allows businesses to make product recommendations based on items that shoppers have previously viewed.

  • Enables working from a single module as all the app’s features are directly added to your Shopify dashboard after installation.

  • Ideal for small enterprises, it lacks the features that big companies with large email lists require.

  • The support crew has slow response speeds and long wait times.

 3. GemPages Page Builder


GemPages, founded in 2017, has empowered 30,000+ merchants, having built 100K+ pages. GemPages is the go-to choice for store design & conversion optimization.

Key Features:
  • Drag & drop live editor with more than 80 elements+ and templates to create pixel-perfect designs for Shopify.

  • Conversion Toolkit- promotions, upsell & cross-sell techniques, cart modifications, and alerts to turn browsers to buyers.

  • Performance optimization with on-page SEO (with meta tags, alt-text, lazy loading, and more) and A/B Testing.

  • Pitch page versions to find the perfect content recipe and smart content scheduling for Shopify stores.

  • User-friendly interface for customization & integrations with 30+ third-party apps.

  • Easy to navigate, user-friendly platform for Shopify stores.

  • Advanced features like content scheduling, A/B testing are available only for the Advanced plan.

  • Synchronization and native page analytics features are missing.

4. Shogun Landing Page Builder


Shogun Page Builder is a powerful drag-and-drop store builder for Shopify that helps eCommerce businesses construct attractive, fast-loading personalized storefronts to boost conversions, revenue, and brand loyalty.

Key Features:

  • Library of elements for websites including Video Background, Carousel, Button, HTML, Product Image, CSS, Product Quantity, Table, Tabs, Sections, etc.

  • Content Consistency- create impactful blog layouts and save them as a reusable template for your Shopify store for theme consistency.

  • Powerful enterprise features including Custom Elements, Multi-Store Sync, A/B Testing, etc.

  • 24/7 access to support to resolve all customer issues.


  • 30+ quick-start templates to create and edit an unlimited number of pages. 

  • Allows eCommerce businesses to conduct split testing to test the performance of two pages against each other.


  • While the app offers segregated plans, the ‘Optimize’ plan may fall out of budget for some smaller businesses.

  • Some features like split testing and analytics are only accessible with higher plans.

5. Loox Product Reviews & Photos


Loox, headquartered in Israel, is one of the leading Shopify exclusive reviews & referrals app founded in 2015. Helping 100,000+ eCommerce businesses upscale their social proof, achieve customer retention, and build brand awareness to drive revenue.

Key Features:

  • Build beautiful photo and video user-generated content, carry out referrals and increase conversions.

  • Smart and customizable review request emails to gather authentic product reviews.

  • Eye-catching widgets like product review carousels, review popups, and sidebar for showcasing your happy customer content.

  • Efficient content delivery network to serve all scripts and photos in milliseconds.


  • Customers incentives like post-review & post-purchase referral discounts on photo and video reviews.

  • Assured brand discovery with social media, Google Shopping and Facebook Pixel.


  • Plans with extended features are more expensive.

  • It doesn’t allow businesses to edit reviews even for grammatical mistakes.


4.9 is a social proof marketing platform that provides AI-powered eCommerce marketing solutions for  Shopify stores. It helps eCommerce businesses develop meaningful relationships with their customers through high-impact reviews, ratings, community Q&As, and rewards.

Key Features:

  • Increase traffic & sales with social proof & reviews on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Walmart, & Twitter.

  • Stamped Smart Assists- A machine learning tool to encourage customers to write high-quality reviews.

  • Multiple on-site display widgets- Side Drawer, Carousel, Instagram Feed, All Reviews page, Checkout Comments, etc.

  • Loyalty and rewards systems to increase customer lifetime value, word-of-mouth referrals, and average purchase value.


  • Net Promoter Score feature to easily measure and analyze overall customer satisfaction.

  • Multi-lingual support feature in English, French, German, etc.


  • Dashboard readjustments after every new update.

  • More accommodative pricing solutions to suit smaller businesses.

7. Vitals: 40+ Marketing Apps


Vitals is an all-in-one marketing and sales app that supports sales for 20,000+ Shopify businesses in 120+ countries, offering features like review, upsell and cross-sell, live chat, conversion optimization, and more.

Key Features

  • Advanced marketing capabilities with 40+ sales-boosting plugins organized in a single platform.

  • The frictionless shopping experience for customers with popular features like Visitor Replays, Currency Converter, Description Tabs, All-in-One Chat, etc.

  • Enhance the brand's credibility for customers with Reviews, Shoppable Instagram Feed, Sales Notifications, and Trust Badges.

  • Lead generation tools like Wheel of Fortune, Pop-ups, Facebook Pixels, and Email Capture Bar for better customer interaction.


  • Works with all Shopify themes- Brooklyn, Debutify, Minimal, Themeforest, Shoptimized, etc. 

  • Live customer support via Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, SMS, etc.


  • The customer video review feature is lacking.

  • Unlike Stamper and other apps, Vitals does not offer a customer loyalty program.

8. Google channel


Shopify's Google channel allows eCommerce businesses to reach the millions of buyers who use the Google search engine to discover & purchase products.

Key Features

  • Shopify's Google channel makes it simple to get your products listed on Google while keeping everything in one place.

  • Create Smart Shopping campaigns in Shopify, select a budget, and let Google's smart algorithms optimize your ad to increase your reach.

  • Free listings of your product on Google are available for merchants selling in over 50 countries.


  • Allows to run both a Smart Shopping campaign & have a free listing at the same time.

  • Set your budget and pay only if someone clicks on your ad.


  • Seamless checkout with Buy on Google is available only to eligible US businesses.

  • Free listings will only appear on the Shopping tab if you're selling outside the United States.

9. Product Reviews


Founded in 2015, is a bootstrapped, profitable, and fast-growing SaaS startup headquartered in London (UK). It assists Shopify e-commerce stores in collecting and displaying product and store reviews and other user-generated content.

Key Features

  • Install and Customize Widgets- Increase conversions through user-friendly and highly configurable review widgets.

  • Automatically collect more reviews by placing unlimited personalized review requests on the Forever Free and Awesome plans.

  • Manage Reviews through quick consumer feedback response highlighting your best reviews and launching marketing campaigns with app partners.

  • Cross-platform sharing of reviews on social media to reach a larger audience. 


  • Indeed the most budget-friendly app on the list.

  • Product reviews in Google Shopping help Shopify stores enhance conversion rates and CTR.


  • For advanced functionality, integration with another loyalty app is required.

  • Limited reward program with only coupon code.

10) Bloggle: Blog SEO & Blog posts


The Bloggle App is a well-configured tool for creating, editing and publishing engaging content. With this app, you can design your blog in an easy-to-read layout with videos integrated into posts to boost their effectiveness on any device!

Key Features:

  • Bloggle app lets you create fully customizable templates from your best articles hassle-free. 

  • You can also schedule publication dates manually or use one of several automations tools to simplify the setting up of blog posts.

  • Bloggle app allows you to add videos to your blogs from channels like youtube or Vimeo.


  • The Bloggle app is an easy-to-use app with a simple design and navigation.
  • It is very easy to integrate SEO elements into your blogs with this app.
  • You can also enjoy comprehensive customer service that is highly responsive with the Bloggle app.


  • The Bloggle app can be an expensive option for a lot of business start-ups. 
  • This blog app can have glitches and bugs that come up frequently.

4. Selecting the Best Shopify Live Chat App

Shopify is loaded with powerful apps to help eCommerce businesses grow and monetize their online store. With numerous marketing apps on Shopify, it can be challenging to decide the best. Don't worry; here are four crucial points to consider before selecting the best marketing app for your Shopify business.

1. Ease of Use

Make sure the software is foolproof and simple to use without requiring any additional code or knowledge.

2. Affordability

Practically, price is the most crucial aspect of every purchase. Consider the app's price versus the possible benefits it can offer to your Shopify business.

3. Efficiency

The app should serve your crucial business requirements providing additional features to scale up revenue simultaneously. The efficiency of app functioning is indeed the most vital factor.

4. Customer Support

Finally, ensure that the app is routinely updated and has a solid technical support team available 24/7.

5.Overall recommendation

The Shopify platform is every online retailer's and eCommerce merchant's most preferred and easy-to-use online store builder. offering over 1400+ marketing and store building apps the Shopify App Store helps businesses personalize their store and grow their business. Keeping in mind the target audience, product reach, and business requirements, you can easily pick the most suitable Shopify marketing app for your store. 
If you require to run fully automated email marketing campaigns, Privy is the app you’re looking for. However, if you’re a small business with budget constraints will rightly serve your SEO and marketing needs. Pick Vitals & Google channel if you want to run powerful ad campaigns. If you want your pages to stand out, choose GemPages & Shogun for content marketing. However, if marketing and conversion are your major concerns, Seguno will serve you the best with all your marketing needs.

6. FAQs