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Here's an unbiased comparison of Easyship v/s Shiprocket.


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1) Introduction

If you are an eCommerce retailer planning to scale your business, then EasyShip vs. ShipRocket may be a source of genuine anxiety for you. This is especially true if you wish to go global. Both are excellent shipping platforms and boast high capacity in managing the shipping process. 

While EasyShip provides significant shipping discounts and global fulfillment, ShipRocket has multiple solutions for last-mile deliveries and shipping personalization. So, choosing between EasyShip and ShipRocket requires a thorough understanding of their features, services, and differences. 

If you are interested in knowing more about EasyShip vs. ShipRocket, this article is the right choice.


2) About EasyShip

Easyship is a shipping platform that helps businesses manage domestic and international shipments. It began operations in 2015 and is based jointly in New York, London, and Hong Kong. 

It has more than 50 warehouses spread throughout the globe and provides over 250 shipping services. To facilitate business growth, EasyShip offers pre-negotiated shipping rates and carrier discounts. EasyShip detects shipping rates according to destination. This especially helps in international shipping as EasyShip brings in smaller national couriers. 

EasyShip has designed its shipping platform to create a convenient and seamless shipping experience for eCommerce merchants. It currently has a reach of more than 220 countries and territories, with businesses from more than 40 countries using the platform. 


3) Top Offerings of EasyShip


3.1) Dashboard Utility

Easyship boasts a multi-functional dashboard with a whole range of shipping tools to streamline order management and shipping operations. Retailers can create shipments by importing orders from stores, manually uploading CSV files, or syncing with online carts.


EasyShip removes repetitive manual shipping tasks. It enables eCommerce merchants to set rules and guidelines for courier selection, package size, product values, etc. Once the shipping task flow is automated, it quickly generates shipping labels and packing slips.


3.2) Hybrid Shipping Solutions

EasyShip is integrated with over 250 couriers and parcel delivery companies operating worldwide. This allows EasyShip to offer its clients a wide selection of shipping services and hybrid solutions. 

It combines regional express couriers and postal services to lower shipping costs and constant order updates. It arranges multiple couriers to take up different segments of the first-mile and last-mile deliveries for an order.

EasyShip offers a Flat Export Rate program that consolidates multiple shipping services into one flat rate discount rate based on parcel weight. It has eleven weight classes and two flat-rate price structures for shipping to Canada from the U.S. and the rest of the world.

3.3) Multiple Carrier Integrations and Discounts: 

EasyShip is integrated with a wide selection of courier, shipping, and regional parcel delivery companies. It is integrated with Aramex to provide reliable services in Western Asia and Africa. To facilitate shipping in Latin America, EasyShip is integrated with SkyPostal and with SF Express for shipping to China.

Besides courier integrations, EasyShip is committed to shipping discounts and exclusive rates. It offers upto 91% discounts with DHL, 76% with UPS, and so on. It also has an in-built shipping calculator consolidating discounts and pre-negotiated shipping rates for retailers.


3.4) Customization and Crowdfunding

EasyShip emphasizes branding and customizations while managing shipping processes. Hence, it combined brand customization with order tracking. It automatically sends custom email notifications when the parcel is in transit. It also creates a branded tracking page for tracing the shipment journey with space reserved for instructions and customer queries. 


3.5) Shipping Insurance 

Like shipping discounts, EasyShip also offers shipping insurance to protect parcels from loss, theft or damage en route. Retailers can get shipping insurance upto 10,000 USD per shipment.

The insurance price for domestic shipments is 1% of total policy coverage shipments and 1.5% for international shipments. EasyShip’s shipping insurance doesn’t require any paperwork. 


4) Features of EasyShip 

  • It provides shipping rates in real-time and information on the estimated date of product delivery.

  • It helps businesses improve shipment visibility through branded tracking pages and notifications.

  • It provides analytics to help businesses assess the performance of their shipping operations. 

  • It helps businesses generate shipping labels, create and split or merge shipments, and get instant quotes from shipping partners. 

  • It also offers solutions to manage 3PL service, including warehousing, packing, customs payment, and reverse logistics.

Pros: Easyship is a cost-effective solution and ideal for startups needing to scale.

Cons: The platform does not allow users to edit information once entered. To make corrections, the user has to start from scratch. 


5) About ShipRocket

ShipRocket is a shipping aggregation platform based in India. It was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in New Delhi. The platform allows businesses to choose carriers based on a variety of factors and helps automate several logistics processes for its clients. 

ShipRocket processes a total of 200,000 shipments every day. It works with over 100,000 businesses and offers a reach of more than 220 countries and territories. The platform is integrated with over 17 shipping companies and offers pre-negotiated rates.


6) Top Offerings of ShipRocket 


6.1) Order and Inventory Management

With ShipRocket, retailers can create shipments and process and track orders from its dashboard. It also provides tools for centralizing inventory management by syncing with sales channels. 

It allows them to track stock, edit individual SKUs, and update products in bulk. ShipRocket also informs whenever the inventory level is low and updates inventory whenever a sale is confirmed. This helps real-time stock inventory levels.


6.2) Post-Purchase Experience

ShipRocket has an array of features to enhance the post-purchase experience for customers. Starting with milestone-based real-time order tracking and updates in the dashboard, it also personalizes the tracking experience. 

The tracking page they built has complete order information, estimated time of delivery, and regular SMS/email notifications sent to customers. The tracking page exhibits discount information and seasonal sales and recommends on-demand products for boosting additional sales. It also gathers customer feedback.


6.3) Shipping Tools

ShipRocket has a host of tools to streamline and smoothen the shipping process. This includes a shipping rate calculator, printing shipping labels, adding insurance, and integrating with 17+ courier partners. 

Its dashboard is the perfect space for multi-tasking, managing orders, creating shipments, and tracking revenue and average shipping costs. Retailers can also control their COD (cash-on-delivery) remittances and have detailed insights into the delivery statistics of carriers.


6.4) Weight and COD reconciliation 

ShipRocket monitors weight and billing reconciliation as well as automate COD remittances regularly. It also has a special plan where remittances are given within two business days of order delivery against a small fee.


6.5) Automated Shipping

To improve shipping functions, ShipRocket has multiple automated systems, from courier selection algorithms to NDR management. ShipRocket’s carrier recommendation engine considers fifty data points, such as delivery and pickup performance, to suggest the best couriers.

It  enables retailers to choose among the cheapest, fastest, and best-rated ones. It also sets an automated process for tackling undelivered orders. eCommerce store owners are notified immediately when a courier agent marks any order as undelivered so that they can reach out to customers. This allows for a better delivery attempt on the same day or the next.

7) Features of ShipRocket 

  • It provides pre-negotiated shipping rates to businesses. 

  • It allows businesses to manage their orders through a unified platform, enabling the performance of a variety of functions through simple clicks. 

  • The platform allows businesses to make domestic as well as international shipments. 

  • The platforms help improve visibility by extending tracking capabilities.

  • It allows businesses to improve post-purchase experiences by helping them create branded tracking and returns pages with the opportunity to run marketing campaigns.

Pros: The platform provides access to a selection of carriers who have already negotiated deals with the platform. 

Cons: The services can become expensive if the order volume increases.


8) A Salient Comparison between EasyShip and ShipRocket 


8.1) Fulfillment Capacity 

Though EasyShip and ShipRocket offer order fulfillment and warehousing services, they differ in scale. If you are a retailer based in India, you will find ShipRocket a better option than EasyShip. However, for global fulfillment needs, EasyShip takes the spot.

ShipRocket offers same-day and next-day deliveries across the major metro cities in India with its pan-Inda fulfillment center network. Similarly, EasyShip has ties with 50+ global warehouse centers in Asia, North America, Europe, and Australia. EasyShip also has dedicated account managers who create the best brand fulfillment strategy.


8.2) Shipment Management 

Both EasyShip and ShipRocket have a firm grasp of shipment management. They have a lot of standard features, such as automated courier selection, shipping rate calculator, label generation, and tracking. 

EasyShip enables batch shipping, scheduling pickups, USPS form scans, workflow optimization with shipment tags, and multiple-user access. Similarly, ShipRocket has billing and weight reconciliation, merchant log system, COD reconciliation, and pickup schedule structure.


8.3) Dashboard Operations

Like shipment management tools, the comparison of EasyShip vs. ShipRocket is extremely close regarding dashboard operations. Both these eCommerce shipping software has a multi-utility dashboard. 

Their dashboards can create shipments, track orders, generate analytical reports, filter orders, generate labels, and insure shipments. However, each has additional features. Like ShipRocket offers NDR management via a single dashboard while EasyShip product cataloging and address validation. 


8.4) Integrations and Plugins

ShipRocket has integrations with marketplaces like Amazon Global and shopping carts like Shopify, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, and Zoho. It is further integrated with 17+ carriers like ekart and Shadowfax. In comparison, EasyShip’s carrier integration list has 250+ storefronts and crowdfunding companies.


8.5) Pricing

In terms of pricing, EasyShip offers a free subscription plan for a monthly shipment volume of 50. However, for larger volumes such as 500 shipments, the monthly price is $29, and for 1500 shipments, its $69. 

While ShipRocket has three pricing tiers based on shipping needs. Small and medium retailers can ship orders weighing 500 grams for 26 INR. Bigger enterprises using multiple marketplaces can opt for the Professional plan, 500 grams for 2o INR.


9) Alternative and Competitor to both EasyShip and ShipRocket

If you are looking for software that resembles EasyShip or ShipRocket, then you may find ClickPost the best choice. As an alternative to EasyShip and ShipRocket, ClickPost is pre-integrated with 300+ carriers,  storefronts, WMS, and freight management companies. 

More importantly, it has the capacity to integrate and onboard with any courier company within a day. ClickPost further touches on all the primary highlights of EasyShip and ShipRocket, including multi-carrier shipping, integrated tracking, returns management, COD reconciliation, and NDR management. 

ClickPost’s dashboard is multifunctional. Its data-driven carrier recommendation system allocates the best carrier for each parcel based on multiple factors and a brand’s preconfigured rules. It also presents real-time carrier serviceability to customers at checkout, limiting fulfillment exceptions.

ClickPost’s main highlights include real-time order tracking, managing product returns, exchanges, cancellations, and NDR management. It goes further than ShipRocket by offering an OTP-based cancellation system to prevent accidental non-deliveries of products. 

It further automates the returns process by preconfiguring with a brand’s return policies and streamlining courier selection and pickups. ClickPost also has COD reconciliation, including managing, processing, and tracking COD orders with its AWB bill number from a single dashboard. It further notifies carriers in case of delayed remittance.

10) Conclusion

Selecting one out of EasyShip vs. ShipRocket may be a daunting task. However, you can scrutinize your business goals, shipping volume, and automation needs to make a conclusive decision. Whichever software you choose, both Easyship and ShipRocket are undoubtedly reliable.





11.1) Is ShipRocket a good inventory management software?

Yes, with ShipRocket, you get essential inventory management services like tracking, low stock alert, and inventory syncing across sales channels. 


11.2) Which is the best option between EasyShip, ShipRocket, and ClickPost?

All three of these solutions are great tools for managing shipments. However, the solution that stands out is ClickPost. As a logistics intelligence platform, it performs various functions through a unified dashboard. 

ClickPost handles a more significant order volume than ShipRocket and EasyShip. It provides features such as order management, courier selection, rate comparison, and more. 


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