10 Best Social Login Apps For Shopify Sellers

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1. What is a Shopify ‘Social Login App’ and How Does It Work?

Logging into your Shopify store is the stage where most cart abandonments happen. Most customers find creating a new account (and remembering the password!) a cumbersome task. Streamlining the purchase process at this stage can convert a lot of potential customers into actual revenue-generating sales! So it makes sense to simplify the process and enable one-click logins.

Social login apps for Shopify come into play here and enable one-click sign-up and logins for your store’s visitors. These apps use their social media accounts to pull their information and register them on your Shopify store. On top of simplifying the purchase process and increasing sales, Shopify social login apps can also help you connect with your customers on social media. This increases customer engagement and allows you to promote your brand to them in the future.

We will be looking at the top social login apps for Shopify and provide a summary for each of them to help you choose the best one for your ecommerce store.

2.Top 10 Shopify Social Login Apps

3.Detailed Review of Shopify Social Login Apps

1. Oxi Social Login



Key Features:

Oxi Social Login features integration with all leading social networks to enable single-click login. Their automated setup allows you to integrate the app with your Shopify store and start using it in minutes. Oxi also enables you to collect customer information which can be used for upselling and brand promotion.


  • Provides a 15 day free trial period.

  • Pricing starts at just $1.99/month for basic features.


  • Questionable reliability when using some popular social media accounts to log in.

  • Business owners report privacy concerns and spam mails when using the Oxi Social Login app.

2. Flits: Customer Accounts Page


Key Features:

Flits provides all the details collected from customers in a consolidated and easy-to-use format, irrespective of the platform used to log in. This allows you to ease your delivery process and understand your customer profile better. They also allow you to show customized ads to customers based on their previous purchases. This can be a valuable Shopify tool for upselling and maximizing revenue.


  • Provides custom layout in some of the paid plans.

  • Provides free 30 day trial for all plans and add-on features.


  • Though the base plan starts at $4.99/ month, the advanced plans are considerably pricier at $19.99/month and $29.99/month.

  • On top of this, most of the necessary features are provided as paid add-ons, irrespective of the plan you choose.

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 3. Open SignIn - Social Login



Key Features:

Open SignIn features integrations with a wide range of social platforms, including some niche and rarely used ones. They provide easy customizations to match the interface with the design of your store, and also offer automatic configuration.


  • Their wide range of login options can come in handy when dealing with a global customer base.

  • The single plan offered is priced reasonably at $5.45/month.


  • Existing customers report a lack of tech support.

  • Lacks flexibility in pricing and provides only one plan.

4. EasyAuth - Social Login 


Key Features:

EasyAuth provides social login for your customers using Facebook, Google, Twitter, Amazon, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Yahoo, and other services. They also provide an easy and code-free installation process. You can customize the look and feel of their login pages to meet your brand identity and ensign language.


  • Supports a wide range of services for login

  • Provision to use your own API keys.


  • Customers reported a complicated uninstallation process when switching to another service provider.

  • Ratings may be unreliable due to the minuscule number of reviews available.

5. Social Login - miniOrange



Key Features:

miniOrange is a Shopify social login app providing integrations with popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Apple, LinkedIn, Discord, etc. They also provide email integration services with the provision to verify email addresses and phone numbers.


  • Provides 24/7 support using email and in-app support forms.

  • Provides a free plan with basic features.


  • Advanced features are only available in paid plans.

  • To use the advanced features, you need to opt for the most expensive plan at $15/month.

6. One Click Social Login



Key Features:

One Click Social Login provides an authentic one-click automatic login experience that significantly speeds up the registration and login process. They offer both automatic and manual integration processes, allowing you to choose the right one based on your expertise. The dashboard provided helps keep track of all your customers using social login.


  • It allows you to configure the login page to provide a more personalized experience.

  • Provides a fully customizable social login.

  • Provides graphs and analytics based on the collected data.


  • Some users have reported serious glitches on their platform.

  • Costs significantly more to enable login pop-ups.

7. HIKO Social Login



Key Features:

HIKO provides integrations with 19 popular social media platforms. They provide you the option to integrate the app in your Shopify store automatically. Advanced users also have the option to do it manually using HTML tags. Additionally, they provide advanced features such as CSS editing, multipass, custom social API keys, and the ability to operate in multiple languages.


  • Even the top-tier paid plan is very reasonably priced at $4.99/month.

  • Though severely limited, the free plan might be adequate for small businesses.

  • Provides a host of advanced features at a very affordable price.


  • A relatively new entrant in the market, lacks a track record of reliability.

8. Quick Social Login


Key Features:

Quick Social Login claims to be a free Shopify social login app that provides a straightforward installation process. Email integration and customization through CSS are also provided. It also offers some abandoned cart app features. 


  • All the advertised features are available for free.

  • Easy to install, irrespective of your technical expertise.

  • Provides a decent amount of advanced features for a free offering.


  • Though advertised as being completely free, they have additional charges for removing their logos and watermarks from the interface.

  • Does not provide an option to show your brand domain when users log in using social media.

9. Smart Social Login



Key Features:

Smart Social Login provides a fast and easy way to sign up to Shopify using social media accounts. They have a comparatively limited list of integrations, but support all the major social platforms.


  • Very affordable at $1.49/month.

  • Provides acceptable customization options for the price.


  • A large proportion of users have reported issues with the platform, as evident from the low rating on Shopify store.

  • Even though the service is affordable, the limited set of features can pose a challenge going forward.

  • No multi-language support is available. Only supports English.

10. Login with Amazon



Key Features:

Login with Amazon is a Shopify social login app that lets your customers use their Amazon accounts to log into your Shopify store. You can get the customers’ details like name, email address, and zip code using their amazon account. Further, you can also use Amazon payments on your Shopify store and directly get the customers’ billing details. This lets you leverage Amazon’s customer base and also allows you to pull necessary information automatically.


  • Simple installation process.

  • The service is completely free.


  • Customers reported multiple glitches on the platform.

  • Does not work well with customers based out of the US.

  • Does not provide alternate login options apart from Amazon accounts.

  • Negligible customization is available.


4. Selecting the Best Shopify Social Login App

A seamless login experience can effectively convert a large number of window shoppers into customers. It is a proven fact now that a large proportion of online purchases are made impulsively, and you are missing out on that chunk of sales if you have a cumbersome login process. This makes it essential to have an appropriate social login app for your Shopify store. Some points to keep in mind while looking for the same are:


1. Software Cost

The subscription cost of the software should be taken into account while looking for your Shopify social login app. Also look at the various tiers of subscriptions available, and choose the appropriate one for your needs. It is never recommended to skimp on necessary features to save a few bucks!


2. Any Cap on the Number of Logins

Have a look if the app (and the plan you chose) places a cap on the number of social logins allowed per month. Though this may not seem like a hindrance initially based on your volume of customers, this often becomes a bottleneck very fast. Keep in mind that a majority of your store visitors will start using social login once it is available.


3. Range of Integrations Available

It is necessary to look at the list of social platforms the app integrates with. Your need for integrations will vary based on your customers’ geographical distribution (and the social platforms popular in those locations). It is always recommended to go with an app that features necessary integrations so that you won’t have to worry about this in the future.


4. Availability of Additional Features

You should also consider additional features like email integrations and seamless customer data integration. Some Shopify social login apps also provide email and phone number verification services. Additionally, you can look for advanced features like analytics based on your customers’ login practices.


5. Customer Support

Technical support provided by the social login app is another factor to consider. In case of glitches, a proactive customer support brings the store online faster. This significantly reduces the downtime faced by your Shopify store.


6. Reliability and Potential Downtime of the Software

Reliability woes directly translate to lost revenue in the ecommerce space. Therefore, it is necessary to look at the app’s track record to identify potential issues with their platform.

7. Secure Application

When customers want to make purchases on your e-commerce platform, they need security. With so many people using social login apps for shopping and banking on the go, developers are designing them with protection in mind- especially when dealing with sensitive data such as credit card numbers or personal email addresses! Make sure your social login app for Shopify offers encryption to keep all consumer information safe from prying eyes.

8. Multi-language Support

Top Shopify social login apps support multiple languages, which can greatly benefit communicating with your customer base. Your online business may need to cater for customers in various parts of the world who speak different languages. So, find the best social login app for Shopify that offers a multi-language support system for your customers.

5.Overall recommendation

Due to the wide range of options available in the market, it can often be a complicated process to narrow down to the apps viable for you. This is made worse by the fact that most of them have overlapping features, and some are not very transparent about the pricing models. Essentially, you first need to identify your specific needs for advanced features. Then you can dive into choosing the appropriate app.
For small ecommerce business that processes a limited number of customers, some of the free (or very affordable) options definitely warrants a look. You should also look for apps providing free trials before purchasing a subscription. Some compelling options in this space are Oxi Social Login and HIKO Social login. Keeping in mind the relatively affordable costs for all the options on our list, medium and large enterprises can look at feature-rich options like Flits: Customer Account Page and Social Login - miniOrange. Social login apps with severely limited login options and features, like Login with Amazon are best avoided.

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