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Best Wholesale Apps For Shopify Sellers

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1. What is a ‘Shopify Wholesale App’ and How Does It Work?


Even if your business primarily focuses on retail customers, you are missing out on an entire vertical by not offering your products to wholesale customers. Wholesale customers will help you move your stocks faster, freeing up your capital and providing significantly more sales. Due to the more business-to-business nature of these sales, wholesale customers generally demand better pricing. The revenue lost in providing lower pricing is easily covered by the easier logistics required for wholesale shipping, and the significantly higher revenue generated from each sale.

Customizing your pricing for wholesale customers can be a very cumbersome task. This generally involves manual interactions with your customers, leading to a more complicated process for both business owners and customers. Shopify wholesale apps cover this niche by automatically providing customized pricing for customers making bulk purchases. Having an appropriate wholesale app manage pricing based on order quantity and other factors can make your Shopify store an attractive proposition for people looking to buy in bulk.

To help you choose the best Shopify Wholesale App for your store, we have conducted a detailed analysis of the options available in the market and presented them here in an easy-to-use format

2. Top Shopify Wholesale Apps

3. Detailed Review of Shopify Wholesale Apps

1. Wholesale Pricing Discount


Key Features:
Wholesale Pricing Discount is a Shopify wholesale app that provides fully customizable rates for your products. You can customize the prices based on the quantity added to the cart, the customer who is purchasing, and the product being purchased. You can also set customized wholesale shipping rates based on these parameters. You can even set customized payment terms for wholesale orders.


  • Offers fully customizable pricing and payment terms.

  • You can customize pricing and payment terms for each individual customer.


  • Their customers have reported some severe bugs on the platform.

  • Difficult to integrate, especially for complicated workflows like handling multiple currencies. Having a currency converter app for Shopify can help smoothen the payment process and save sales. 

2. Wholesale and Custom Pricing


Key Features:

Wholesale and Custom Pricing allows you to fully customize your pricing based on order quantity and for specific customers. For your dedicated wholesale customers, they offer order forms to streamline the purchase process. They also aid you in upselling by showing tiered pricing and encouraging customers to spend more. Using this app can bring some Shopify Upsell app benefits to your store. 


  • Offers a free tier with very basic features. This is useful if you want to try out the app before purchasing.

  • Has integrations with several tracking and upselling apps.

  • Competitive pricing for the features on offers.


  • Integration with your Shopify store is often a complicated process requiring technical support.

  • May cause compatibility issues with your existing apps.

 3. Wholesale Order Form and ReOrder



Key Features:

Wholesale Order Form and ReOrder allow your customers to bulk order in seconds with their single-page order form. They can repeat their previous orders quickly, along with the provision to update the quantities and products. You can also easily modify the look and feel of the app to match your store design. This is a great Shopify product bundles app that every Shopify merchant can use to increase their average order value. 


  • The top-tier plan is relatively affordable at $24.99/month.

  • Easy and straightforward integration process with your Shopify store.


  • Lacks some advanced features like customized pricing for specific customers.

  • Does not offer upselling features.

4. Wholesale Catalog Maker


Key Features:

Wholesale Catalog maker allows you to create business-to-business catalogs for your Shopify store. They offer more than 45 templates and allow drag-and-drop editing. Your customers can easily place orders from the catalog itself, significantly speeding up the ordering process. They also let you manage the invoicing and draft orders from your Shopify store itself. You can bring in more customers to your store by making it mobile-friendly with a Shopify mobile apps builder.


  • Allows you to have a master catalog and edit it for specific customers

  • Offers unique features like customizable catalogs and direct order creation from catalogs.


  • They are designed for Shopify stores that primarily sell products in bulk and do not offer retail-specific features.

  • Clumsy user interface.

5. Wholesale Lock Manager


Key Features:

Wholesale Lock Manager allows you to customize your wholesale operations inside your Shopify store. It enables you to create locked and password-protected wholesale specific sections. They also provide a proactive support team, with an assured call back in 1 business day in case of any complaints.


  • Very affordably priced at $6.99/month.

  • Has a responsive support team.

  • Easy to use and integrate.


  • User interface is not seamless for wholesale customers.

  • Wholesale prices and sections can only be manually accessed through passwords.

  • Not as feature-rich as competing options. 

6. Wholesale Simplified


Key Features:

Wholesale Simplified allows you to handle both retail and wholesale customers from the same store. You can easily create product and category-based discounts. Further, you can specify the minimum quantity to be purchased to avail of a specific discount. You can also create fixed discounts for particular products and offer discounts only to certain tiers of customers. This is a great discount app for Shopify users across verticals. 


  • Wholesale Simplified is a feature-rich offering with well thought out customization options.

  • They claim to be compatible with all the major inventory management tools,

  • Allows you to handle retail and wholesale customers from the same Shopify store without creating duplicate products.


  • They are a relatively new entrant in the market and lack a track record of reliability.

  • Shopify store ratings may not be reliable due to the small sample size.

7. Wholesale - All in One


Key Features:

Wholesale - All in One offers the usual features like customizing pricing based on products, volumes, and categories. In addition to these, you can also tag pricing rules to a specific set of customers. You can also set specialized shipping rates for wholesale customers based on various factors.


  • You can set percentage-based and price-based discounts.

  • Wholesale - All in One avoids duplicating and hiding products even when using tiered pricing features.

  • Supports multiple currencies.


  • Some necessary features are offered as add-on features and are not included with any plan.

  • You need to pay a one-time fee to enable the add-on features. The fee lacks transparency and is based on your web design requirements.

8. Wholesale Pricing Manager


Key Features:

Wholesale Pricing Manager is a pricing management software that works for both your wholesale and retail pricing management needs. They feature auto-tagging, email marketing, customer grouping, and fully customizable settings. The application enables you to set several pricing tiers without duplicating products.


  • Shopify Live chat support is available for easy and fast onboarding.

  • Has a 7 day free trial period.

  • Wholesale Pricing Manager is compatible with a wide range of inventory management software.


  • Priority support is only available in the top-tier plan.

9.Wholesale Gorilla


Key Features:

Wholesale Gorilla is a Shopify wholesale app created by actual store owners. It covers all the essential features including retail and wholesale customer management, tiered and customized pricing, and inventory management. They also provide an easy-to-use interface and is an entirely code-free solution. If you tie this app with a product bundles Shopify app, then you can increase average order values easily. 


  • Has been created by actual store owners and prioritizes must-have features.

  • Has the provision to automatically translate your pages in several languages like Spanish, French, German, and Italian.


  • The plan with all the features is significantly more expensive than the competition at $79.95/month.

  • It might slow down your Shopify store as it uses no-code integration.

10. Wholesale2b Dropshipping


Key Features:

Wholesale2b Dropshipping is a Shopify dropshipping app that also integrates wholesale selling features. They claim to provide the lowest prices for a range of products, and can automatically handle and synchronize shipping information once an order has been placed.


  • Provides a low involvement dropshipping and wholesale solution.

  • Automatically processes orders and syncs shipping information with your Shopify store.


  • Is more focused on dropshipping than on providing wholesale specific solutions.

  • Only suitable if your primary revenue source is dropshipping.

4. Selecting the Best Shopify Wholesale App

Even if your primary source of revenue is retail sales, wholesale solutions enable you to open up your business to wholesale customers without any corresponding increase in staffing costs. So irrespective of your focus on retail or wholesale customers, Shopify wholesale apps for a no-brainer for your Shopify store. Some points to keep in mind while looking for the same are:

1. Software Cost

Even though the subscription costs are minuscule compared to the revenue generated, keeping the pricing in mind is essential. Also look at the different pricing tiers and if a free trial period is provided.

2. Range of Customization Features Offered

Handling wholesale orders requires you to have granular control over your pricing. It is always better if you can control and customize pricing based on a host of factors, including quantity purchased, the specific customer who is placing the order, products category, etc.

3. Ease of Use and Integration with your Shopify Store

As pricing customization is a task that requires careful thinking and implementation, it is always better to have a user-friendly workflow for the same. You can opt for low code or code-based solutions depending upon your technical expertise. Make sure that the apps you are considering support the pricing model you plan to use.

4.  Customer Support

Proper customer support during initial integration and customization is essential. It is also necessary to look at the support options available in case of glitches.

5. Reliability and Potential Downtime of the Software

Carefully consider the overall reliability and stability of the platform before integrating it with your Shopify store. Glitches in pricing can badly affect your revenue and degrade your customers’ trust in your business.

6. Quick Installation

Integrating the whole sale app with your business should be a simple process allowing for quick installation of the software. This makes sure your business does not end up losing time with glitches and technical difficulties.

7. Automated Workflow

Shopify Wholesale apps that provides automated workflows for setting up discounts and offers can be very useful, which also saves a lot of time. The wholesale app should be capable enough to automatically group products and apply discounts according to the parameters required.

8. Third Party Integrations

As an e-commerce business owner you will be employing a lot of third party applications to support your supply chain operations. They might be apps for making payments, shipping, tracking, data analysis, etc. Therefore, it becomes important to select a Shopify whole sale app that supports third party integrations with your business without technical grievances.

5. Overall recommendation

Most of the Shopify Wholesale Apps have roughly similar pricing. Even for the relatively higher priced ones, the subscription cost is negligible compared to the revenue generated. Therefore your final choice boils down to your feature requirements, and your familiarity and comfort with the integration method.

For businesses that primarily handle retail customers, apps like Wholesale Simplified and Wholesale - All in One are viable options to consider. They allow you to dip your toes in wholesale shipping without impacting your core strength of retail sales. If your Shopify store focuses equally on retail and wholesale customers, you can look at some of the more feature-rich options like Wholesale Form and ReOrder and Wholesale Gorilla. If your primary focus is on wholesale customers, or you plan to carve your niche in the wholesale space, you should be looking at more advanced and wholesale specific solutions. Shopify wholesale apps like Wholesale Catalog Maker and Wholesale and Custom Pricing are viable options for this use case.

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