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an unbiased Comparison of ShipKaro with its Alternatives





Vamaship Pickrr Shyplite Shipkaro
No. of Courier Partners
120+ 10+ 20+ 30+ 10+
COD Services
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Order Tracking Page
Advanced Basic Basic Intermediate N/A
Returns Management
Advanced Intermediate  N/A Basic N/A
Carrier Selection Engine
Fixed Rules
Rules +AI N/A Rules +AI Rules +AI Fixed Rules
NDR Management
Advanced Advanced Basic Basic N/A
Provides shipping rates
No Yes Yes No Yes
Hyperlocal Delivery 
Yes No No Yes No
Dashboard For Analytics 
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Order Delay Detection
Yes No Yes No No



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why companies shift from ShipKaro to clickpost

When and why companies make the shift from ShipKaro to ClickPost can be understood through these 2 phases of eCommerce growth :

  • Monthly Volume of Orders <3000: Your major need is easy access to fast integrations with multiple courier partners, offered by ShipKaro.
  • Monthly Volume of Orders >3000: Your needs shift to the overall growth and stronger carrier relations, which ClickPost aids in with specialized services.

Superior Customer Experience

Overall delivery experience improves when carrier mechanisms can be improved with ClickPost help.

Fastest Tracking Updates

Get tracking updates immediately with the help of Push and Pull APIs integrated with ClickPost.

Delivery Exception Detection

Reduce delivery exceptions considerably and quickly with the help of data collected by ClickPost.

Automated NDR Protocol

Keep RTO numbers low using automated issue-specific queries sent to customers to address NDRs.

Advanced Courier Allocation

Input a wider range of metrics for carrier selection using ClickPost’s AI-drive recommendation engine.

A large Number of Carriers

Choose from 130+ courier partners integrated with ClickPost instead of 10+ carriers with ShipKaro.

Top 10 Best ShipKaro Competitors and Alternatives [2023 Updated List]


1. ClickPost

As one of the largest shipping and order management platforms in India, ClickPost provides specialized shipping solutions for a wide variety of eCommerce companies. Its varied range of features culminates in optimal shipping operations and improved customer experience. ClickPost is a feature rich and reliable ShipKaro alternative.


- 120+ carriers and leading online storefronts like Shopify, as well as marketplaces like Amazon are available to integrate with.

- Multi-carrier shipping services through a single API integration to carry out the process of order manifestation. In a single step, the order is created, the AWB and shipping label are generated and the order is picked and packed.

- Using both push and pull API integrations, order statuses are received instantaneously. As soon as you receive an update, the customers also receive an update via a customisable branded tracking page, as well as through email, SMS and Whatsapp communications.

- An automated eCommerce NDR management system reduces RTOs by a large number using cause-specific workflows and smart communications with customers, empowering them to ensure successful delivery of their orders.

- All orders, with all possible different status, are tracked, managed, and monitored from a single uniform dashboard, based on which regular analytics reports are created and shared with eCommerce enterprises.

Pros: E-commerce companies that have large order volumes find ClickPost's features most effective for seamless integration as well as for making across-the-board improvements.

Cons: SMBs and businesses with low order volumes may be unable to effectively make use of ClickPost’s various features, designed for larger enterprises.


2. Vamaship

Vamaship has been a well-liked shipping management and courier aggregator service for a few years. It serves eCommerce businesses in India as well as 200 other countries. It is known for providing cost-effective solutions to multi-carrier management. The Vamaship API integration provides access to 10+ domestic and international logistic partners. For the limited number of courier partners on offer, many ecommerce companies prefer to go with one of the Vamaship alternatives for better reach.


- Vamaship lets you integrate with more than 10 courier partners as well as a few of the leading storefronts and marketplaces like Flipkart. 

- Orders assigned to all of your integrated carriers can be viewed from a single location, and you can receive tracking updates during specified time frames, as customized by you.

- Shipping rates of different carriers that you are integrated with can be compared for each order to select the most cost-effective shipping price.

- Vamaship provides a document management system that integrates with your previous shipping paperwork to make searching through your shipping history easier.

Pros: Most major shipping partners are already integrated with Vamaship, making them easy to tie up with and track orders with.

Cons: Larger enterprises with high order volumes may find limited order management solutions with Vamaship.


3. ShipRocket

ShipRocket rocketed its way to supreme popularity in the shipping and logistics aggregation industry. In addition to providing services across India, it also has a reach of 220 other nations. The ShipRocket Shipping API is popular not only for its multi-carrier integration system but also for its other delivery management services. ShipRocket can be a viable ShipKaro alternative if you are looking for a shipping and order management platform with a global presence. It is easily one of the best courier aggregators in India for ecommerce businesses.


- ShipRocket is tied up with 17+ shipping partners, numerous selling channels, and other marketplaces for eCommerce.

- Information about all orders, both ongoing and prior orders, is located on a single dashboard that enables them to be easily tracked and searched through. 

- For both domestic and international shipping, ShipRocket offers a multitude of payment plans with flat shipping rates, pre-negotiated with tied-up carriers.

- Insure your orders prior to them being shipped so that you are covered in case of any loss or damage that may occur in transit.

Pros: ShipRocket has integrations with the top carriers in India and also provides easy management of orders.

Cons: ShipRocket does not enable eCommerce businesses to maintain direct relationships with carriers, thereby limiting the improvement of shipping operations. You might want to check out ShipRocket alternatives if you want a one-on-one relationship with your courier partners. 


4. ShypLite

Shyplite is a logistics solution that provides a multi-carrier integration tool and works as an order management gateway. It enables more efficient monitoring of shipping operations for eCommerce enterprises in India and 220 countries across the world. The ShypLite courier integration helps entrepreneurs easily print shipping labels, manage order delays, track orders and much more. ShypLite connects to major storefronts and also selling channels like BigCommerce, and platforms like WooCommerce.


- Shyplite is tied up with over 30 carriers that can be integrated with and enable easier selection of carriers for different orders using an AI-driven algorithm for allocation.

- All shipping rates provided by Shyplite are given at a discount that has been agreed upon by carriers. Alternate payment methods allow for pay-per-shipment plans to be entered into.

- Both you and your customers will be updated on order statuses through order tracking notifications sent via email and SMS. Customers additionally receive updates on a branded tracking page.

- Shyplite also offers other shipping services at added costs like multi-location pickup and COD reconciliation.

Pros: Shyplite offers excellent customer support services and is known for providing quick and efficient tracking updates.

Cons: In case you have opted for the pay-per-shipment option, COD reconciliation is likely to be a slower process. If Cash on Delivery is preferred payment model for your business, then try out the ShypLite competitors that provide COD services.


5. Pickrr

Pickrr is a company that is only a few years old but has already become one of the top 5 leading courier aggregators. It has a client base of hundreds of brands that operate across 200+ nations around the globe and can be a good alternative to ShipKaro. Pickrr focuses on automation and ease of shipping operations. The Pickrr API integration can also help you with complete eCommerce fulfillment, warehousing and inventory management. 


- Pickrr is integrated with more than 20 shipping partners, in addition to its tie-ups with storefronts like Magento and larger online marketplaces.

- You can show your customers true flexibility by using Pickrr range of shipping options that let you select shipment size and even how the order is to be picked up and delivered.

- Real-time tracking updates will be shared with you constantly, including notifications of delivery exceptions, and are shared through SMS and email.

- To help avoid invoice discrepancies caused by confusion with shipment weights, Pickrr uses AI/ML to perform weight reconciliation and charge shipping rates according to the exact weight.

Pros: In case there are any issues with order manifestation, COD, or billing, Pickrr is quick to rectify them. 

Cons: If an enterprise is large and requires greater integration, the process of onboarding and implementing Pickrr will be slower. Some of the Pickrr alternatives might be a better fit for your organisation.


6. Shippo

Shippo is a shipment management and courier tracking software that aims to provide ecommerce businesses competitive shipping rates and other related services in one place. They have a code-free onboarding and order management experience. 

Shippo operates primarily in the US market but is well equipped to handle international shipping. If you are looking for a ShipKaro alternative with a strong focus on specialized services, Shippo is worth considering. But if you're looking to expand outside of the United States then Shippo alternatives would be a better option for you.


- Shippo provides customizable tracking updates to your customers. The updates are delivered via different channels as per your preference. A branded and customizable tracking page is also available with standardized tracking across carriers.

- Shippo seamlessly integrates with multiple storefronts and marketplaces. This enables you to easily manage all your sales channels from one place. Shippo offers synchronization with services like Shopify, WooCommerce, and BigCommerce. 

- Shippo offers some services aimed at international logistics like customs clearance and duty calculation utilities. Its integrations with international shipping carriers make this process streamlined.

- Shippo enables you to print shipping labels in bulk with automated tools like pre-filled insurance amounts from imported order values. Your customers can also generate and print shipping labels easily in case of returns or exchanges.

Pros: Shippo is a feature rich offering with a range of sophisticated and well-implemented features. 

Cons: Some of the advanced features are cumbersome to deploy and use.


7. Sorted

Sorted is marketed as a delivery experience management platform that helps you fix and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. Their primary focus is on improving the overall delivery experience for your customers. 

They provide a wide range of shipping options and exception handling tools to achieve this. If you want to optimize and improve your delivery experience, Sorted and its alternatives might just be the appropriate ShipKaro competitor for you.


- Sorted enables your customers to choose from a wide range of shipping options. This includes personalized shipping based on carrier availability and other factors. Sorted also supports selecting a precise and personalized delivery date.

- Sorted provides delivery and return insights to you. This can be based on a specific location or a particular product channel. You can also monitor carrier performance and classify issues based on severity.

- Sorted provides branded tracking pages and tracking updates. You can also embed tracking in your app or website.

- Sorted enables you to automate returns and exchanges. You can set rules based on parameters like product category and return window. You can also choose to approve returns manually.

Pros: Has a strong focus on improving the overall delivery experience. Has a range of targeted features to achieve the same.

Cons: Does not offer other services to enable end-to-end inventory management like some of its competitors.


8. ShipUp

ShipUp is a shipping management platform and ShipKaro competitor that aims to improve the post-purchase experience. ShipUp enables you to create a branded post-purchase experience while also streamlining your customer support. It also comes with upselling and customer retention features.


- ShipUp enables you to create a branded tracking page on your website and send tracking notifications to customers.

- ShipUp provides analytics reports and enables you to monitor delivery performance in real-time. You can also export the data as CSV files.

- Uses proprietary algorithms to provide accurate estimated delivery dates to your customers. The EDD is also updated throughout the shipping process as required.

- You can also send tracking data and customer grievances to your customer support team in real-time through ShipUp.

Pros: Provides a 14 day free trial period. Also has a wide range of upselling and analytics-related features.

Cons: ShipUp might prove to be a bottleneck as your business expands and you require more features.


9. ParcelPerform

ParcelPerform is a delivery experience platform with a global presence. ParcelPerform uses data analytics to streamline logistics operations. They are integrated with more than 600 leading carriers and ecommerce platforms. ParcelPerform can be a good option for you if you are looking for an advanced ShipKaro alternative.


- ParcelPerform supports global enterprises with support for over 30 languages and all time zones.

- You can send customized tracking notifications to customers. This can be done via different channels like Email, WhatsApp, and SMS.

- Provides a customer services toolkit to monitor customer complaints and resolve them efficiently.

- Uses Machine Learning to provide accurate delivery date estimation. This helps to drive sales and improve customer conversion rates.

Pros: Has a range of advanced features suitable for large enterprises.

Cons: Might not be the right platform for small and medium ecommerce enterprise owners. In that case, some ParcelPerform alternatives would be able to handle your workload better.


10. LateShipment

LateShipment is a delivery experience management platform that competes with ShipKaro. It is an all-in-one platform aimed at delivering measurable improvements in your post-purchase experience. LateShipment acts like a returns management software that allows businesses to incentivise the returns process through customisable return rules, alternate product images and more. It also ensures that every product delivered to the customer is audited correctly for losses, damages or other discrepancies. 


- LateShipment has an audit system to identify carrier failures and auto submit refund and compensation claims. Also provides you reports on overall carrier performance.

- Provides real-time tracking updates to your customers with proactive delay predictions and personalized support.

- LateShipment enables you to automate returns to provide a streamlined experience. Customers can also opt for self-service returns and receive tracking updates for the return.

- LateShipment features integrations with leading shipping partners, ecommerce platforms, CRM platforms, and order management systems.

Pros: LateShipment has some unique features like auto submission of refund claims.

Cons: Is not a popular choice as a ShipKaro alternative. some of the best LateShipment alternatives are ClickPost, Shippo, ShipStation, etc.


How to Choose the Best ShipKaro Competitors and Alternatives


Some of the best ecommerce companies in India trust ShipKaro for its operations. But what if it's not the best option for your business? While looking for the best ShipKaro alternatives and competitors for your ecommerce business, you need to keep in mind and consider several factors. Some of these are common factors applicable to every business. There are also a few factors that depend on your business and its current pain points. Lastly, you must remember that Shipkaro is courier aggregator unlike ClickPost, LateShipment, or Sorted, which are shipping softwares. To know more about the the differences between the two, check out our eCommerce aggregator Vs. Clickpost article.

We have identified some of the most critical factors you need to consider while looking for ShipKaro alternatives. These can act as quick reference points for you while you are looking for ShipKaro competitors.

1. Cost of the Aggregator or Software

The overall cost incurred by your business to use the software should be one of the primary concerns. This will depend on the pricing model that the software is using. Carefully look at the total amount you will end up paying. This is generally based on the volumes of orders you are processing.

As the Shipkaro alternative you are looking at will replace some of your current business processes, you also need to consider the cost of the software against the current cost incurred by you. Before doing this, you also need to look at the range of features you will need. It makes no sense to opt for features that will not have a measurable impact on your business. 


2. Range of Features Available

Another important consideration should be the range of features on offer. While some ShipKaro alternatives only offer the basic features, others are pretty advanced in terms of features. This is the major disadvantage of shipping aggregators.  Different platforms also generally focus on different kinds of features.

Before looking at the range of available features, you need to have clarity regarding your requirements. You should look to cover the features and niches that are essential for you. You should also cover the features which you plan to use in the future, or which might become necessary later on. If features like BigCommerce shipping, Shopify shipping, etc. are important to you, then tying up with a logistics software is a much better option. 


3. NDR and Exception Handling Features

While there are some features that you might regard as optional, NDR and exception handling features are paramount in ensuring successful last-mile delivery. With the advent of tech driven solutions, these have become the norm in the ecommerce and logistics industry.

You should always look for automated workflows to resolve delivery exceptions. They can significantly reduce WISMO calls and improve customer satisfaction. You should also pay close attention to the return and exchange features on offer. The ability to customize things based on product type and category is also important with respect to both of these.


4. Tracking and Notification

Real time shipment tracking notification is essential to increase and maintain customer engagement. This can also act as a kind of advertisement for your business and aid in upselling.

You should always look for the availability of customizable tracking notifications. They should ideally be delivered via different channels. WhatsApp is an important and emerging medium of providing tracking notifications due to the wide variety of features available on the platform.

Along with these, a customizable tracking page is also a necessity. The tracking page should carry your branding and match the overall theme of your store. The tracking page can also be used to provide product recommendations.


5. Customer Support Provided

The quality and promptness of the customer service on offer also need to be considered. Customer support will be important in providing a smooth onboarding experience. In case of glitches, customer support will be important in ensuring a fast and hassle-free resolution. 

You should ideally look for ShipKaro alternatives with real-time customer support. A delayed response from customer support can lead to prolonged downtime for your business. The quality of customer service can be gauged through reviews available on the internet. a post-purchase customer experience software can help you manage customer expectation after sales. 


6. Stability and Reliability

The stability and the reliability of the platform are important in ensuring a trouble free experience. Even though good customer service can resolve most issues, the presence of glitches means downtime for your store. This should be avoided as much as possible as it leads to loss of revenue and a subpar impression on the customers. 

You can get an idea about the reliability of the platform by going through the reviews available online. This is only valid if the platform has a large number of reviews. ShipKaro competitors with only a few reviews should be avoided unless they offer some irreplaceable features.


7. Compatibility with Existing Services

You will stop using some of your current platforms and services as you shift the appropriate ShipKaro competitor as your new platform will cover those services. But you will still need to use several third party logistics services to manage your business processes. These include your shipping and warehousing partners, and any specialized platform that you might be using.

You need to make sure that the ShipKaro alternative that you are choosing integrates properly with your existing partners. Most shipping partners will be generally supported. But you need to pay special attention to the warehousing partners and management tools you are using.

The best way to simplify this is to opt for a platform that covers most of your required services and features. This will enable you to manage everything from one place without having to worry about integration and support.


Final Conclusion


By now you know the advantages of courier aggregators like ShipKaro. From integrating with multiple courier partners, to printing waybill, and handling inbound logistics, there's a lot a shipping aggregators can help with. We hope these Shipkaro competitors and alternatives will help you pick one that's best for your business. However, if you want more comprehensive shipping solutions or you handle a large number of orders, then choosing a multi carrier shipping software would be your bet.  


FAQs on ShipKaro And Its Competitors & Alternatives


1. Which Is The Best ShipKaro Alternative?

Answer: ShipKaro is a logistics company that primarily serves as a courier aggregator. In case you are looking for services over and above the ones provided by ShipKaro, 1) ClickPost, 2) Vamaship, 3) ShipRocket, 4) Shyplite, and 5) ShipKaro are your best alternatives. All of these businesses are focused on delivering logistics intelligence systems that simplify order management. Some specialize in providing discounted shipping rates and optimized shipping & tracking. While others serve better post-purchase and last-mile delivery experience.


2. How To Choose The Best ShipKaro Competitor?

Answer: When looking for a ShipKaro alternative, select the ones that meet 4 crucial criteria. At the top of this list comes serviceability. This includes shipping software's operational area and the number of orders it can process. Next, consider the shipping services available and whether they will assist you in achieving your business objectives. Third, a more technologically advanced delivery service that gives clients more visibility with faster real-time tracking updates. The last thing you should think about is your budget and whether the platform's price fits into it.


3. What Are The Criteria For Selecting The Best ShipKaro Alternative?

Answer: When you are selecting a ShipKaro alternative, you need to take a good long look at your industry and then see whether or not the alternative shipping management solution you’re looking at meets the following criteria.  

The first is its ability to provide services. This may be limited, so ideally the system should tie up to the carriers you need, give you enough options, handle your order volumes and pin code requirements. 

The second is the shipping services you need. Your business needs have to be prioritized so you know exactly what services you need and check if the ShipKaro alternative you’re looking at provides them. 

The third is its technological construction. Ideally, if you’re shifting from ShipKaro, you would want to move upward to a more advanced system that offers more innovative tech-supported solutions. 

The fourth and final criterion is cost. This means you need to have a budget that is calculated keeping in mind the services you need, business goals, and benefits of choosing any particular ShipKaro alternative.


4. Why Do People Shift From ShipKaro To Other Alternatives?

Answer: Each business goes through multiple phases of growth and at a certain phase more advanced solutions are needed. Since ShipKaro is a shipping aggregator, it can limit your access to a wider range of carriers and services. It can also restrict your ability to directly enhance your supply chain. These reasons make ShipKaro alternatives a more viable option at certain phases.

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