WooCommerce: Simple Definition

WooCommerce is an eCommerce plugin built for WordPress. It allows a simple WordPress website to become a shopping website, where you can add products, a shopping cart, and a payment gateway for checkouts - options that WordPress doesn’t typically provide. This is a free plugin and also supports eCommerce enterprises with inventory and taxes, safe payments and shipping options. 

WooCommerce: Technical Definition

WooCommerce is a WordPress exclusive plugin available at zero cost for setting up to help turn a simple WordPress website into an eCommerce site, allowing an enterprise to add products, build a shopping cart, calculate shipping costs and process payments via the website with considerable ease. 

Is WooCommerce as good as Shopify?

Both WooCommerce and Shopify come with their own advantages, based on what you are selling, the size of your eCommerce, and what's feasible for you. WooCommerce is self-hosted and allows you to edit everything about your site on your own server. It's free of cost and other features you’d like to unlock come at a reasonable price range. WooCommerce is also a good platform to sell larger products. 

Shopify is extremely beginner friendly and if you are selling simpler, everyday use products, it is probably more workable for you. The platform however is not hosted, which means that though you have considerable flexibility, a Shopify plugin will let you edit only what the platform will allow. 

What are the disadvantages of WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a free plugin available on WordPress, making it one of the go-to softwares for eCommerce enterprises to bring in online shopping onto their websites easily. However, it still does have a couple of disadvantages. WooCommerce is also a platform with multiple expenses. It has a varied range of features which can be unlocked at different stages by paying for them. Some extensions need to be bought right after installation to ensure that your website is running smoothly, making this one of the major cons of the plugin. 

Though the plugin is free, WooCommerce is exclusively only available on WordPress. If you were to create a website via any other platform that gave you better navigation, WooCommerce would not be available to you. Hence, if you were an established business wanting to use WooCommerce for your eCommerce needs and didn’t have a site on WordPress, this wouldn’t be possible, making the plugin difficult to access. 

Why do I need WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a free plugin available on WordPress. If you were an eCommerce, looking to easily set up a site with a shop, with the flexibility of editing and reworking your site as and when needed based on your requirements, WooCommerce would be the best way to go. It easily helps a regular website to turn into a shopping website by integrating products, carts, payment gateways and carriers, to help you smoothen out your order experience. 

What is a grouped product in WooCommerce?

A grouped product in WooCommerce is the option to add a product to an existing product. If anyone were to search for this parent product, they would automatically also be able to see related products to the parent product. For example, if a customer were to search for a specific type of ‘Shoes’ on your website, a grouped product application on WooCommerce would automatically pop up other related products as well (like socks/shoe care products), for the customer’s benefit. This helps in boosting sales of multiple products at one go. 

What is WooCommerce payments?

WooCommerce Payments is the plugin’s in-built feature to manage cash flow and recurring revenue from a single dashboard. This feature is available across many countries, free of cost, however, some countries may have to pay a budget-friendly amount to install the feature. WooCommerce Payments allows to track deposits, manage disputes, oversee charges, and keep a tab on recurring revenue streams from within your store. This helps you automate anything to do with payments, and leaves you with more time to focus on marketing your business further. 

What is WooCommerce Plugin?

A WooCommerce plugin is a feature you can easily add to your WordPress website to quickly turn it into an eCommerce friendly, online shopping site. The plugin is free, however the extensions you may need to add further to it are chargeable. A WooCommerce plugin allows you to add products, build a cart, set up a payment gateway, integrate with carriers, support in calculating taxes, as well as print address labels, once installed onto your existing WordPress website.