Shipbazar API Integration Platform

Get Direct integrations with AWB, Shipping label, Tracking, Cancellation, NDR, Returns API of Shipbazar using ClickPost.


Integration Time

  • Direct: 2-6 weeks

  • Using ClickPost: Immediate go-live

Ongoing API issues

  • Direct: 15-20 per quarter

  • Using ClickPost: 1-2 per quarter

SLA monitoring

  • Direct: Manual

  • Using ClickPost: Automated



ClickPost already has API integrations with Shipbazar for the complete shipping process.

  • Manifestation and shipping label generation API: Create order on Courier Partner, fetch waybill and shipping label and place pickup request

  • Track Shipment API: Track your shipment using AWB and Courier Partner

  • Cancellation API: Cancel shipment manifested on Courier Partner for faster returns

  • NDR Action update: Updates the after NDR action directly on courier company’s database

  • EDD API: Show estimated delivery date for shipments on the order checkout page

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How to Enable Shipbazar Shipping & Courier API Integration Using ClickPost?

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Step 1

Select the courier

Step 2

Enter Credentials, Pricing etc.
Unified dashboard

Step 3

Start Generating waybills

Overview of ShipBazar Company

ShipBazar is an online courier booking service operating out of Chennai. It provides seamless shipping solutions to private and corporate clients and serves the huge and intricate Indian domestic market and several foreign countries. ShipBazar provides assured same-day and door-to-door courier deliveries. It also specialises in road, rail and air freight services. The company leverages its broad network of agents to reach out to several under-served regions of India. To use ShipBazar’s expertise, one has to register with the platform first. This is easily done via its website. Of the several benefits that registered customers receive, the most advantageous is the ‘home pickup’ of parcels or goods. The client can also ask ShipBazar to deposit a certain parcel at a ‘Drop Box’ which is located the closest to the intended destination. 

ShipBazar owns several such ‘Drop Boxes’ across the country which makes the movement of goods more convenient. It also makes for better real-time tracking. Using the platform is relatively easy. The first step is registering with ShipBazar. Registration is a one-time affair and a centralised system keeps such data secure and handy so that a client does not have to provide every detail when logging in the next time. The next step involves scheduling of a delivery. For this, the user will have to provide details of the receiver’s address and any special instructions. The platform will also ask for details of the parcel, including its nature, dimensions and weight. This data is essential for ShipBazar to help a client select a specific courier service.

The user can also ask for doorstep pickup of parcels only when that pincode is one serviced by ShipBazar’s agents. ShipBazar’s ‘Drop Box’ service has gained popularity in recent years as these have grown in numbers and have spread across the country. In the E-commerce ecosystem of India, timely delivery of parcels via courier is a significant challenge given the geographical complexity and the urban-rural divide. ShipBazar has managed to occupy a major chunk of the last-mile delivery service which is of great importance in the country.

The company realises the importance of its ‘Drop Box’ service and has made it easy for individuals and enterprises to join the platform. However, this service is available only in Chennai as of now. Individuals need to provide their addresses and a slew of other details while enterprises will have to furnish their TIN Numbers. While ShipBazar facilitates courier deliveries to several destinations globally, it is recommended to contact their customer care team and ask for further details. The company provides shipping only from India at the moment, but there are plans to introduce country-agnostic shipping solutions in the future. Did you know that you can go live with ShipBazar in just 24 hours? ClickPost’s ShipBazar Express shipping and tracking API integration does the job for you!